Turn your Smart TV into The Beat Chicago TV

Smart TV's are just that, smart!  You can watch movies on demand, classic TV shows and more on your Smart TV... from The Beat Chicago!


People who listen and watch The Beat know that all the best movies, TV shows and music have been made, we’re here to help you remember them all.

We’re a full-service entertainment company. From music to movies, videos [and more] that take you back in time on all of today's platforms, including your Smart TV.


You can listen and watch as well as interact with all our content anytime on any device with or without an app! In fact, your Smart TV can access The Beat as long as it has a browser.  You don't need anything, no Roku, no Firestick, no Apple TV, our network is free and available with a few clicks on your Smart TV as well as all other devices.

If you have a Smart TV, (Samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG, Insignia and others equipped with a web browser) you can listen to us, watch the movies we link you to [for free] along with all the great content we produce each day including our feature shows #laughbreak, #sportsbreak as well as our daily show This Day In History."

We were actually part of an interactive TV network via Source Media back in 1999 (as another network).  Unfortunately, SRCM (old NASQAQ symbol) couldn't make it past the dot com bubble.  We were doing it before anyone independently and now the technology is here to allow us to do it without a major provider.

Watching and listening is great when you're mobile but how much more do you really want to strain your eyes?  You have that big Smart TV at home, time to put it work!

You've been conditioned to think you need an app for everything, you don't. That browser built into your TV can turn your TV into a huge computer monitor that you can use to watch The Beat, listen to The Beat and interact with The Beat.

How do you do it?

1. Choose the web browser that's built into your Smart TV
2. Once the keyboard pops up, simply type in HTTP://thebeatchicago.com
3. Just like on your computer, you see our website, click on what you want.  LISTEN LIVE?  MOVIES?  NEWS?  TV SHOWS?  DJ MIXES ON DEMAND?

It's that simple, no app, big screen, lots of free entertainment from your friends here at The Beat Chicago.

Make sure you're following us on social media so when we're planning a major event like a movie feature, a live stream DJ stream or other exclusives, you'll know.

Find us on the following social networks:
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The power is not only in your hands, it's in that big screen Smart TV so use it by making The Beat your home page on your Smart TV so you never miss a beat!

When you're on the road and want to access us, the website is mobile-friendly.  You simply type in HTTP://thebeatchicago.com into your mobile device's web browser and bookmark us.

USE ROKU BROWSER X  (Credit to Home Guide Report for this last piece of information)

Roku has two web browsers, the best we've found is Web Browser X however, it is not free.

See, Roku doesn't really have their own 'native' browser.  It's just "OK".  We're sure they'll improve upon it but, if you want to use Roku to listen and watch us, know that the option is there.

The highlight here is that if you're using Roku's WEB BROWSER X, you can visit any website by simply typing in its web address (URL) just as if you were on a computer.  A big plus is that you have an option to add your favorite websites, like a bookmark, a website like, say.... ours!

Navigation is simple using Web Browser X, just like using your mouse and keyboard, things you've been doing for years now.

As of this post, Web Browser X doesn't seem to have the ability to play videos.  It can't fill in web forms like password fields and usernames. This is something that could change in the future.

There's a cost for this service of  $4.99 per month in the US.  The writer's experience has shown that there may be countries where you can access it for free. The Mexican version store had a $0.00 price tag.  It appears that each country may be different regarding this scenario.

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We also have a free app, click here for download information.