Vice Squad

We always say the best music, movies and TV shows have all been made, we’re here to help you remember them all.
1982’s “Vice Squad” is proof of that.

This is one of those movies that fell through the cracks of time. Here in Chicago, we discovered it after its release on the subscription TV service known as ONTV. ONTV was what we had before cable TV took over. In Chicago, it wasn’t until 1987 that the politicians had figured out how much to extort out of the cable companies so they could offer us ‘cable.’

The movies stars Season Hubley as a reluctant hooker who winds up helping an L.A. detective (Gary Swanson) track down the meanest, most vile pimp ever, Ramrod played by Wings Hauser. The movie also starred a young Nina Blackwood before her MTV VJ gig. You’ll also notice “Rerun”! Fred Berry plays a pimp named “Sugar Pimp.”

This movie really captures the freakish, dirty, gritty underbelly of the L.A. strip at night back in the day. The movie grossed a little over 13.2 million dollars at the box office on what definitely appears to be a lower budgeted film but, a great watch.

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