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Top Christmas Movies



Everyone has their favorite Christmas movies, including us so we thought it’d be nice to post our favorite Christmas movies for you to watch and share.

Our gift to you is a few of our favorites in no particular order. Watch them here or in our app. Spread the Christmas cheer by sharing this page on your social networks. It’s always Christmas here, anytime you want it.

From our families to yours, Merry Christmas, happy holidays and may 2021 be your best yet, anything’s gotta be better than 2020!


Released in 1983, A Christmas Story will go on into infinity as a classic.

Directed by Bob Clark directed 1981’s hit “Porky’s” and as he said, if it weren’t for Porky’s there would have been no A Christmas Story. It was Porky’s that shined the light on him and the studio would not make A Christmas Story unless he directed it. In fact, believe it or not, very few studios were interested in making this film.


When the movie was released, it didn’t do too well at the movie houses. But, in 1974 a clerical error prevented the copyright owner from filing the necessary extension application. The movie went into the public domain so it didn’t cost anything to broadcast for the stations showing it ’round the clock.

ELF (2003)

Watching a guy like James Caan opposite Buddy The Elf played by Will Ferrell just kills us. You have this idea of Caan in your head, a tough guy, Sonny from the Godfather and out of nowhere here comes this six foot plus goofy over-sized adult in a child’s brain looking for warmth and compassion from his dad


Does it ever get boring? The cast, the insane cousin Eddie, the lights on the house! Hard to believe this was done 30 years ago. My time flies.


Our favorite part of the movie? All the cool little pranks Caulkin plays on Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern


A sad but heart-warming movie starring Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston. Keaton comes back to life after being killed in a crash as a snow man. Three of Frank Zappa’s four children, Dweezil Zappa, Ahmet Zappa, and Moon Unit Zappa, appear in the film.

BAD SANTA (2003)

For us, this is one of the rawest movies ever! Released the same year as ELF, Billy Bob Thornton does an amazing job as playing the most miserable jolly St. Nick ever.


A classic is a classic, it stands the test of time and this is one of those movies that will live on long after we’re all gone. The story resonates through the generations as believers and non-believers will clash into infinity however, the spirit of the season is what brings us all closer. At least, it’s supposed to do that.


It’s Bill Murray, Bobcat Goldtwait, Carol Kane… ’nuff said.


How cool would it be to take a train ride like this!

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