This Day In History – May 23rd

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Each day of the week, The Beat Chicago takes you back through the years to see all the birthdays, heavenly birthdays and major events that have impacted life here on Earth on this day in history.

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Let’s go back in time to see everything that happened on this day in history

1609 – The Second Virginia Charter was ratified.
1701 – After being convicted of piracy and of murdering William Moore, Captain William Kidd (Billy The Kid) was hung in London.
1785 – Benjamin Franklin announced his invention of bifocals
1788 – South Carolina ratified the United States Constitution as the eighth American state.
1829 – Cyrill Demian was granted a patent for the accordion in Vienna.
1846 – President Mariano Paredes of Mexico unofficially declared war on the United States to start the Mexican-American war.
1863 – The General German Workers’ Association, a precursor of the modern Social Democratic Party of Germany, is founded in Leipzig, Kingdom of Saxony.
1873 – The horse named Survivor, ridden by G. Barbee won the first Preakness at Pimlico Race Course, Baltimore, Maryland
1873 – The Canadian Parliament created the first North-West Mounted Police which later became the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
1876 – Joe Borden throws the first no-hitter in the National League.
1900 – William Harvey Carney became the first African-American soldier awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Civil War at the Battle of Fort Wagner.
1903 The first-ever trip across the country began. Leaving San Francisco, it would arrive in NY on July 26th.
1908 – Part of the U.S. Great White Fleet arrived in Puget Sound, WA.
1911 – The New York Public Library constructed at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street was dedicated by President William Taft.
1915 – Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary during World War I.
1922 – Walt Disney’s first film company Laugh-O-Gram Films was incorporated.
1934 – Bonnie and Clyde were killed in Bienville Parish, Louisiana.
1934 – The Auto-Lite strike lead to the “Battle of Toledo” which lasted five days where 1,300 Ohio National Guard troops and 6,000 picketers went at it with each other.
1939 – The USS Squalus sub sunk in the Gulf of Maine. 26 drown, the 33 remaining crew were rescued from a depth of 243 ft by divers using newly developed heliox air systems (the divers were later awarded the Medal of Honor).
1940 – Frank Sinatra’s “I’ll Never Smile Again” became Ol’ Blue Eyes’ first #1 hit while singing with The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
1945 – Heinrich Himmler, head of the Schutzstaffel (The SS) committed suicide (like the weasel, rodent coward he was) while in Allied custody.
1945 – Germany’s Flensburg Government under Karl Dönitz is dissolved when its members were arrested by British forces.
1948 – Thomas C. Wasson, the US Consul-General, was assassinated in Jerusalem, Israel.
1949 – The Western occupying powers approve the Basic Law and establish a new German state, the Federal Republic of Germany.
1951 – Tibetans sign the Seventeen Point Agreement with China.
1958 – Mao Zedong began the “Great Leap Forward” movement in China.
1958: Wilt Chamberlain announced he was leaving the University of Kansas to turn pro. He wasn’t eligible to sign with an NBA team yet so he played with the Harlem Globetrotters to prepare for his pro career.
1960 – A tsunami caused by an earthquake in Chile the previous day killed 61 people in Hilo, Hawaii.
1962 – The NBA agreed to transfer the Philadelphia Warriors to San Francisco. The team became the San Francisco Warriors and in time would become the Golden State Warriors.
1963 – NBC bought the rights to broadcast the 1963 AFL championship game for $926,000.
1969 – The Who released the rock opera “Tommy.”
1969 – The BBC ordered 13 episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, the rest is history.
1980 – Based on the book by Stephen King, “The Shining” starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall, directed by Stanley Kubrick was released.
1984 – Surgeon General C. Everett Koop issued his report saying there is “very solid” evidence linking cigarette smoke to lung disease in non-smokers.
1984 “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” was released.
1985 – Another low-life traitor who should’ve been hung or at the very least drown. Thomas Patrick Cavanagh was sentenced to life in prison for trying to sell Stealth bomber secrets to the Soviet Union.
1985 President Reagan awarded Jimmy Stewart the Presidential Medal of Freedom and promoted him to Major General on the Retired List
1995 – The first version of the Java programming language was released.
1998 – The Good Friday Agreement was accepted in a referendum in Northern Ireland with 75% voting yes.
2000 – Eminem released his third album “The Marshall Mathers LP”. It became the fastest ever selling studio album and won a Grammy for “Beat Rap Album in 2001.
2002 – The “55 parties” clause of the Kyoto Protocol was reached after its ratification by Iceland.
2006 – Alaskan stratovolcano Mount Cleveland erupts.

1910 – Artie Shaw, clarinet player, composer, and bandleader, passed in 2004
1910 – Scatman Crothers, charming actor, entertainer, passed in 1985
1928 – Rosemary Clooney, singer and actress, passed in 2002
1928 – Nigel Davenport, actor, passed in 2013
1933 – Joan Collins, actress, writer
1934 – Robert Moog, electronic instrument pioneer, creator of the Moog synthesizer, passed in 2005
1952 – Boxer Marvelous Marvin Hagler
1958 – Drew Carey, comedian, actor, game show host, and entrepreneur
1973 – R&B singer Maxwell