This Day In History – May 21st


This Day In History – May 21st

This Day In History is a daily feature on The Beat Chicago

There have been thousands of these days in the past and more to come.

Each day of the week we look in the rearview mirror for a look back in time. Let’s go back in time to all the events, birthdays, and more that have happened on May 21st in the past.

We’re here to help you remember everything you forgot so what could be better than a history of events that have happened on this day!

Each day of the week, The Beat Chicago takes you back through the years to see all the birthdays, heavenly birthdays and major events that have impacted life here on Earth on this day in history.

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Let’s go back in time to see everything that happened on this day in history

1881 – Clara Barton established the American Red Cross in Washington, D.C.
1891 – In a match that went on forever, Peter Jackson and Jim Corbett fought for 61 rounds, no one won, it was a draw
1904 – FIFA was created in Paris, The Fédération Internationale de Football Association
1917 – The Great Atlanta fire of 1917 destroyed over 300 acres of land, over 2,000 buildings, five million dollars in damages while displacing over 10,000 people. Luckily, the one death was caused by a heart attack, they had an angel looking over their shoulders for sure
1924 – Crazy bastards have always been around, here’s the proof. Tow University of Chicago students (Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold, Jr.) killed 14-year-old Bobby Franks in a “thrill killing”
1927 – Finally, since departing on May 20th, Charles Lindbergh landed at Le Borget Field in Paris making him the world’s first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic
1929 – Just in time for the depression, the NY Stock exchange’s Sutro and Company use the first automatic electric stock quotation board
1929 – The patent for the board game Sorry! was registered in the UK by William Henry Storey
1932 – Due to bad weather conditions, Amelia Earhart was forced to land in Derry, Ireland making her the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
1934 – Oskaloosa, Iowa became the first city in the U.S. to fingerprint all of its citizens, evidently, civil rights didn’t matter much to them at that time
1936 – Before Lorena Bobbit… Sada Abe was arrested after wandering the streets of Tokyo for days with her dead lover’s severed genitals in her handbag
1937 – Russia’s North Pole-1 became the first scientific research settlement to operate on the drift ice of the Arctic Ocean
1946 – Physicist Louis Slotin was killed when he was irradiated during an experiment with the demon core at Los Alamos National Laboratory
1961 – Alabama Governor John Malcolm Patterson declared martial law in an attempt to restore order after race riots broke out
1970 – Disturbances at Ohio State University forced the Governor to call in the National Guard
1979 – White Night riots in San Francisco following the manslaughter conviction of Dan White for the assassinations of George Moscone and Harvey Milk
1979 – Elton John became the first Western pop star to tour Russia. “To Russia with Elton” was videotaped for cable and videodisc
1980 – The second Star Wars movie “The Empire Strikes Back” was released
1981 – Financial giant Transamerica Corporation sold United Artists to MGM for $380 million
1982 – The Falkland’s War began as Britain sent ships to protect its island
1992 – After 30 seasons of hosting the Tonight Show, this would be Johnny Caron’s last day with guests Robin Williams and Bette Midler who sang “One More For The Road” which brought Caron to tears
1998 – Microsoft and Sega announced they were going to be working on a brand new home video gaming system
1998 – After killing his parents, Kipland Kinkel, an expelled student in Springfield, OR, killed 2 people and wounded 25 others in a mass shooting rampage
2010 – JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, launches the solar-sail spacecraft IKAROS aboard an H-IIA rocket. The vessel would make a Venus flyby late in the year
2011 – Harold Camping, radio broadcaster, predicted that the world would end on this date, still going but wait! There’s more!
2017 – Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus performed their final show at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

1898 – Armand Hammer, American physician and businessman, founded Occidental Petroleum (d. 1990)
1904 – Fats Waller, American singer-songwriter and pianist, passed in 1943
1923 – Ara Parseghian, football player and coach, led Notre Dame to National titles in ’66 and ’74. passed in 2017
1917 – Raymond Burr, actor and director, passed in 1993
1941 – Bobby Cox, Beloved head coach and former baseball player
1941 – Ronald Isley, Still goin’ strong after all these years. The pride of T-Neck NJ
1948 – Leo Sayer had massive hits in the 70s
1951 – Al Franken, actor, screenwriter, and disgraced politician
1952 – Mr. T, former Dingbats bouncer (Chicago nightclub) actor and wrestler
1957 – Judge Reinhold, From Fastimes At Ridgemont High, he’d go on to movies including Beverly Hills Cop, Ruthless People and more
1972 – The Notorious B.I.G., American rapper, killed in 1997
1977 – Ricky Williams, American football player and coach


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