This Day In History – April 28th

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There have been thousands of these days in the past and more to come.

Each day of the week we look in the rearview mirror for a look back in time. Let’s go back in time to all the events, birthdays and more that have happened on all the April 28th in the past.

We’re here to help you remember everything you forgot so what could be better than a history of events that have happened on this day!

Each day of the week, The Beat Chicago takes you back through the years to see all the birthdays, heavenly birthdays and major events that have impacted life here on Earth on this day in history.

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Let’s go back in time to see everything that happened on this day in history

1758 – James Monroe was born in Virginia. He’d become the 5th President of the United States.

1788 – Maryland became the 7th State to ratify the U.S. Constitution

1874 – Actor Sidney Toler who played Charlie Chan was born, he passed in 1947

1878 – Actor Lionel Barrymore who played Mr. Potter in “It’s A Wonderful Life” and many other films was born, he passed in 1964

1914 – The ‘air conditioner’ was patented by W.H. Carrier

1919 – A parachute is first used by Les Irvin of the Army Air Corp.

1926 – Pulitzer Prize writer Harper Lee (1960’s “To Kill A Mockingbird”) was born

1930 – The first night game in baseball was held in Independence Kansas

1930 – Morticia of The Addams Family, Carolyn Jones was born, she passed in 1983

1934 – FDR signed the Home Owners Loan Act

1937 – “The Butcher Of Baghdad”, Saddam Hussein was born in 1937, he died like the rat he was in 2006

1932 – A vaccine for the Yellow Fever was announced

1940 – Glenn Miller’s “Pennsylvania 6-5000” is recorded

1941 – Singer, actress Ann-Margret Olsson) waw born

1942 – The East coast begins nightly “dim-out” to make it more difficult for Axis U-Boats to find targets

1945 – The U.S. Army’s 5th Army reached the Swiss border

1945 – While trying to escape the country, Italy’s Benito Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci were caught and promptly executed

1945 – Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show’s John Wolters was born, he passed in 1997

1946 – Japan’s Tojo was indicted by the Allie on 55 counts of war crimes

1947 – Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian anthropologist and five others set on the Kon Tiki to prove that Peruvian Indians could have settled in Polynesia. Staring in Peru, it took them 101 days to cross the Pacific

1948 – Mrs. Kotter, Marcia Strassman was born, she passed in 2014

1950 – Comedian, writer and former Tonight Show host Jay Leno was born

1952 – The U.S. occupation of Japan officially ended when a treaty with the U.S. and 47 other countries went into effect

1953 – Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon was born

1955 – CSI actor Paul Guilfoyle was born

1957 – The first network broadcast for host Mike Wallace occurred on “Mike Wallace Interviews”

1958 – Operation Hardtack I began. The U.S. begins the first of 35 nuclear tests in the Pacific Proving Ground

1959 – The final broadcast of “Arthur Godfrey and His Friends” on CBS-TV

1965 – Barbara Streisand’s first TV special, “My Name is Barbara” aired on CBS

1966 – Rapper Too Short was born

1967 – Muhammad Ali was stripped of his title after he refused to be inducted into the armed forces on religious grounds

1969 – France’s President Charles de Gaulle resigned

1971 – To protect workers from on the job injuries and illnesses, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) was established

1974 – Actress Penelope Cruz was born

1981 – Actress Jessica Alba was born

1985 – A four-story sandcastle was completed near St. Petersburg, FL.

1990 – After 6,137 performances on Broadway, “A Chorus Line” closed

1980 – Tommy Caldwell of the Marshall Tucker Band passed away from injuries sustained in a car accident
1986 – Tony Bennett’s “The Art Of Excellence” became the first release by an artist that was released on CD before it was released on vinyl
1987 – R.E.M.’s released “Dead Letter Office” here in the States
1989 – Jon Bon Jovi married his high school sweetheart Dorothea Hurley

1993 – The first “Take Our Daughter To Work Day” takes place. Later it would be expanded to include “Take Our Son To Work Day”

1994 – CIA agent Aldrich Ames plead guilty to espionage and tax evasion. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole

1996 – President Clinton spent over four hours giving testimony ]as a defense witness in the criminal trial of his former Whitewater business partners

1997 – The world signed a treaty to ban chemical weapons. Russia, Iraq and other countries including North Korea would not sign it

1999 – After one successful song “Bittersweet Symphony”, the band The Verve break up
1999 – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers received their Hollywood Walk of Fame star

2000 – Jay Leno received his Hollywood Walk Of Fame star

2001 – The first space tourists including two cosmonauts and California businessman Dennis Tito were taken into space on a Russian rocket to see the international space station

2003 – Apple’s iTunes music store began with over 200,000 titles

2004 – Apple’s iTunes music store announced it sold over 70 million songs in its first year

2004 – CBS; “60 Minutes” showed US abuses of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, they never showed the abuses of American prisoners by terrorists

2005 – Steve Wynn’s $2.7 billion Wynn Las Vegas casino-resort opened

2008 – India launched 10 satellites into orbit from a single launch