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Everybody needs a good laugh and everyone could use a break during the day. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12 Noon, The Beat Chicago puts them both together for you #laughbreak.

#laughbreak features scenes from great old school TV shows, movies, and more that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face, no matter how rough a day you’re having.

Let’s go back to 2000 for this classic light-hearted comedy starring Keanu Reeves, Gene Hackman. Brook Langton, a very young Jon Favreau and Jack Warden in the last film of his 5-decade career.

What a great story, football’s version of ‘Slap Shot.’

An amazing supporting cast including Orlando Jones, Faizon Love and others including John Madden and Pat Summerall.

The story is one we’ve all seen before.  The ‘football’ league goes on strike and rather than cancel the season, scabs are brought on by all teams in the league to play on during the strike negotiations.

The movie was loosely based on the 1987 NFL strike, specifically the Washington Redskins, who won all three replacement games without any of their regular players and went on to win Super Bowl XXII at the end of the season.

Though the film is a story of the replacement players, the Falco-Martel QB controversy is quite similar to the one experienced by the post-strike Redskins controversy between Doug Williams and Jay Schroeder.

The multiple-fumble touchdown for the Sentinels against the Phoenix team (in the movie) was based on the real-life Holy Roller between the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers in 1978.

The beauty of the entire scene [in the movie] is that John Madden, who, along with Pat Summerall, played themselves throughout the movie and were  “calling” the Sentinels’ touchdown in detail, it was deja vu all over again for Madden because he was the head coach of the Raiders at the time of the Holy Roller play.

It’s really a warm and fuzzy story wrapped in frat house humor and some really funny scenes about a group of guys with little to nothing in common who come together to create something really special.

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The movie had a budget of 50 million dollars and did just a fraction above that at the box office that year.

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