The Dream Merchants (1980 Mini-Series)

The Dream Merchants

The Dream Merchants was a mini-series that ran on various networks in 1980.


All the best music, movies and TV shows have already been made, we’re here to help you remember them all. Thhe Dream Merchants is just one example of that.

With an amazing cast including Mark Harmon, Morgan Fairchild, Vincent Gardenia and so many other stars including Eve Arden, Robert Goulet and more. The movie is based on Harold Robbins’ best-selling book.

The story follows Mark Harmon who began his career working in the shady world of movies and nickelodeons before “Hollywood” and the system that it follows today was even a thought. From the early days on the East coast to the building of the Hollywood empire, it’s a great look into how the industry began. In fact, you could say that it’s the story of how the big studios came to be.

Beginning in the early 1900s (before ‘talkies) and taking us through Hollywood’s glory years, it’s a great story many of us were glued to our seats watching back in 1980. In Chicago, it was on WGN Channel 9.

OPT, created programming for independent TV stations and had managed to put together a nice chunk of stations back then.  They’re the same people who also created Entertainment Tonight, Star Search, Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous as well as Solid Gold among others.  Their programs were syndicated out to those stations until they folded shop.

Watch it below.

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