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Steve Miggedy Maestro is a guest DJ tonight on our Friday Night Jams.

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steve maestro bio imageSteve was born a house baby…..literally!! Chicago Medical Center had a midwife program where the expecting mother could give birth at the home instead of the hospital. He was born 8:45 PM, Nov 17th to a pair of Belize natives living in Chicago. Both parents loved music in a city that did the same. Steve & his baby sister were sponges to all this music going on inside & outside the home.

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Steve’s interest in music began with vinyl, playing (and scratching) his father’s LPs as well as his relatives that resided in The Bronx, Los Angeles, Phoenix & Belize. His parents got him a guitar at 7 & piano lessons at 10. Between catholic school & lessons, he still found time to further explore into the business of records, creating
cover art for his many 45s.

After graduating high school & 6 years in the Army spinning many a barbecue, house party & nightclub, Steve met then-radio personality Cartier (pronounced kar-t-YAY) at the Lasalle Club. A chance tape & a contest to be a mixer on WGCI emerged & a week later, Elroy Smith, then-PD of WGCI-FM, contacted Miggedy to request his services as a Mixshow DJ for Club 107.5 The rest is history.

While making masterpieces for WGCI, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Doug Banks and Tom Joyner, Steve was also tapped by Gary Bernstein of SuperRadio Networks to do Old School & New School mixes for the syndicated radio program. As a result, Steve is heard in 30+ radio stations across the country including L.A., Orlando, FL, Raleigh, N.C. & Dallas, TX to name a few. Many record companies rewarded him with plaques from established juggernauts like Bad Boy, Rawkus, La Face, MCA & Def Jam.

Ten years later, he felt he needed a rest. So he moved to New York to focus on his production. After three years of returning home to Chicago to play, Steve packed it up & landed in Hammond, Indiana to do old school mixes for Soul 106.3. Not slowing down, Steve began studying the art of Stepper’s music through his sister & DJs Mellow Khris, Calvin, Raphael, Pierre & Freddie Mack (RIP). Through this observation, Steve began producing Stepper’s cuts like “On To Something Good”, Step Into The A.M.” and “Brazillian Nights” that began a nationwide circulation on the Stepper’s set. This has led to two more albums “Classics From The Future Vols. 1 & 2” and P-STRO “Genesis To Exodus”.

This collection has put Miggedy in a position to finally release his own albums on his own label, MMP Records. The label specializes in House & Stepper’s music, available through iTunes, Amazon, Traxsource, Beatport, and JunoDownload music sites.