Starsky & Hutch (1975)

Starsky & Hutch debuted on ABC in April of 1975.  There were 93 episodes that ran over 4 seasons.

Who didn’t want a car like that Gran Torino!  Another Aaron Spelling production, the show had a host of characters that definitely reflected the times. From Huggy Bear, the pimp to Bernie Hamilton and others. The show had no shortage of characters throughout its run.

Before Starsky & Hutch, Soul was known for his role in Clint Eastwood’s continuation of his Dirty Harry franchise with 1973’s “Magnum Force”. Soul was part of a group of vigilante cops taking orders from their chief (Hal Holbrook) to expedite the removal of scum bags, pimps and low-lifes in the city. Other members of that “Force” included future stars Tim Matheson, Robert Urich and a very young, uncredited Suzanne Somers. Many may remember, many may not, David Soul was also a pop singing sensation (for about three hours) with his 1976 hit “Don’t Give Up On Us BabY” (below)

Paul Michael Glazer, a Massachusetts native, majored in theatre and English with a minor in architecture while at Tulane where he’d graduate in 1966. A member of the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity, he earned a master’s degree in fine arts from Boston University in acting and directing the following year.

He’d get bit parts on shows like The Waltons, Kojak, The Streets of San Francisco, The Rockford Files and a few movies leading up to being cast for Starsky & Hutch. After the show, he went on to direct movies and TV shows including The Running Man (1987), Miami Vice while still acting.

Let’s go back to 1975 for this show’s 70 minute pilot episode

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