Sold Gold TV Show

Solid Gold TV Shows And Dancers

Watch live performances on the classic show Solid Gold from Madonna, Rick James, Culture Club, Stevie Nicks, Miss Piggy, Autograph and all those great Solid Gold dancers!

Let’s go back to 1980 where Solid Gold debuted on Sept. 13th and ran thru 1988.

For 8 great years, we watched live performances from artists with the hits and the Solid Gold dancers who were every bit as important as the music to us back in the day.

The show was usually on Saturday nights back then.   Dionne Warwick hosted the first season of Solid Gold, with comedian Marty Cohen.  Warwick left the show and in came Andy Gibb and Marilyn McCoo.  Puppeteer Wayland Flowers joined the show as well with his “Madame” puppet to add some laughs to the show.

Andy Gibb left in ’82 and Rex Smith replaced him.  He didn’t last much longer than Andy Gibb, leaving in just one season.  Marilyn McCoo handled hosting duties very well in ’83 then left in ’84.  Rick Dees would take over and in would come our first encounter with Arsenio Hall who replaced Marty Cohen (comedian) for the “laughs”.  In the midst of the 84-85 season, Dees left the show and Dionne Warwick returned and stayed on ’til ’86.  Click here for more on this TV show


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