Shannon – Give Me Tonight



It’s what we’re all about, throwbacks and old school mixes. This is just one of the many great songs you’d hear on The Beat Chicago you won’t hear on other stations in Chicago. While “Give Me Tonight” was released in 1984, Shannon’s history started in 1983 with U.S. Dance Music Hall of Fame producers Liggett & Barbossa’s “Let The Music Play” which would peak at #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Hip-Hop/R&B chart (let that sink in for a minute) while peaking at #8 on the Pop charts and selling over 2 million copies. It was the “Shannon” sound created by Liggett & Barbosa that would eventually become Freestyle.

Record Pools (places where DJS received promo copies of music before it was released to aid in promotion of the music) received the promo 12 inch of Let The Music Play in about Sept. of ’83, right around when we got Madonna’s Holiday/Lucky Star

Lucky Star was supposed to be the release but most of us DJ’s jumped on Holiday instead following her first single release “Everybody” in ’82.  Many DJ’s were stuck on mixing Holiday into Let The Music Play for years, it was maddening!

Following the success of “Let The Music Play”, Shannon was ready to take on the world and the video for “Give Me Tonight” was the second release from her newly released self-titled album

Due to the ignorance and backlash (still) of disco, most radio programmers were still in their hippy mode adding every weird Brit-pop or rock song they could find instead of quality ‘dance music’. Give Me Tonight would peak at #46 on the pop charts, falling short of Let The Music Play. However, it hit #1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play charts and #6 on the R&B charts

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Source: Sal Amato