Saturday Night Live Ain’t No Jive Chicago Dance Party

Doin’ it like we did back in the day with our sister network WBMX.

Digital Saviors Chicago presents the only party like it in Chicago.

Classic house, freestyle, 80s and 90s club classics and more.

Nobody does it like we do on a Saturday night. The Saturday Night Live Ain’t No Jive Chicago Dance Party kicks off at 7 PM.

The show starts with a classic hot mix from one of our resident DJs followed by classic house, freestyle and all the club classics from back in the day and, more mixes!

If you miss a mix, we got you covered.

Back in the day people used to record the mixes on cassettes, today, we do all the work for you and set the mixes up on our website and in our app ON DEMAND for you to listen to any time so you never miss a beat. The mixes are available on demand with their tracklists.  CLICK HERE FOR THOSE MIXES.

Resident DJS:
DJ Triple H (Harry Hotmixn’ Hernandez)
Quick Mix Mike
Mickey Mixin’ Oliver
Mix-Master Einstein
DJ Gil Lugo

See what’s playing and what played in the last hour below.