Prince Featuring Sheena Easton (1987)

U Got The Look by Prince featuring Sheena Easton is just one of the many great songs you’d hear on The Beat Chicago.

There’s enough stations playing rock n’ roll classics and the same 80’s songs from Bon Jovi, Journey, John Cougar, Elton John all day long and that’s all cool but, when you want something completely different?  When you want everything from Marvin Gaye, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Spinners to Stevie B, C+C Music Factory classic 80’s dance hits and more of the music that keeps you movin?  we’re it.

See, we’re all about the classics too…. Classic R&B and dance of the ’60s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, freestyle and more.   For us, it’s not about how old a song is, it’s about how good it is and this is as good as it gets.

When two stars collide, that’s what this was. Prince and Sheena coming off her stint on Miami Vice delivered this hit in 1987.

With a never-ending parade of hits throughout the ’80s, Prince teamed up here with that sweet, innocent little Scottish born Sheena Easton who opened up the 80’s with her ‘Morning Train’ and has two Grammys.

This song came from Prince’s double album Sign o’ the Times. The track features Prince’s stellar band along with Sheila E.’s live percussion

Prince sings in his sped-up “Camille” voice, although the song was not intended for the Camille album. The lyrics recite the familiar “boy versus girl in the World Series of love” line. (Coincidentally, the World Series came to Prince’s hometown of Minneapolis a few months after the song was released.)

The music video for the song featuring Sheena Easton was filmed in Paris, France, and was directed by American music video director David Hogan. It was included in the film Sign “☮” the Times and features the intro from the extended version of the song. The entire video is portrayed to be a dream sequence by Prince, dozing off in his dressing room. In the United States, the single went to number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles tally, the week of October 17, 1987, behind “Lost in Emotion” by Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. The single stayed in the top 10 of the chart for six weeks.

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