Police Woman (1974)

This is all 70s! From the cars to the hairstyles, the clothes, the colors of those clothes, if any show takes you back and sits you in the front row of the 70s, this is it. Filmed in 1973, this first episode of Police Woman debuted on NBC, on March 26, 1974. The series would then debut in September of that year.

In the pilot episode, Angie Dickinson stars with Bert Convy, Joseph Campenella and a cast of 70s actors whose faces you’ll definitely recognize as great character actors from back in the day including Earl Holliman. Let’s go back to 1974 where Police Woman started.

For this pilot episode titled “The Gamble”, Dickinson’s character’s name was Lisa Beaumont. The character was written as a newbie that joins the group. Producers didn’t like it so they changed her name to Sgt. Pepper Anderson, who, in the show was a seasoned detective vs. what they had in mind in the show’s pilot. So, in this episode, Dickinson’s character joins Sgt. Crowley’s vice squad. Their target is an illegal gambling operation. The operation is run by Carl Vitale (Joseph Campanella) and Lisa goes undercover to get inside the ring to win Vitale’s trust

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