Mork & Mindy (1978)

Mork & Mindy launched the career of the late, great, immensely talented Robin Williams who played Mork from Ork. Traveling by ‘egg ship’, Mork is sent to Earth by Ork’s leader Orson to observe humans and reports back at the end of each episode. Landing in Boulder Colorado, Mork meets Mindy and the rest is history. Garry Marshall, one of the producers of the show said that Williams was the only person to audition for the role but for a good reason. Marshall was looking for a quirky kind of talent for an episode of Happy Days. When Williams walked in for the audition, Marshall told him to ‘take a seat’ and Williams did, sitting upside down on his hear. That was enough for Marshall. Williams was perfect for it and that episode of Happy Days would introduce Williams to the world in Feb ’78 (the show’s 5th season)

Following that episode, Mork & Mindy was born and landed on ABC for its debut on September 14, 1978 and ended on May 27, 1982. With over 90 episodes, the show lasted 4 seasons.

For those who may have forgotten, Mork appeared as a dream for Richie during Happy Days’ 5th season. The episode’s name way “My Favorite Orkan.” In that episode, Mork attempts to take Richie to Ork as a human specimen but Fonzie spoils the plan. The original broadcast of that episode turned out to be a dream that Richie had, but when Mork proved so popular, the ending in the syndicated version was re-edited to show Mork erasing the experience from everyone’s minds, thus meaning the event had actually happened and was not a dream.

Pam Dawber played Mindy who’d started out as his friend and roommate eventually becomes his wife and mother of their child, Jonathon Winters.

Let’s go back to 1978 for this show’s pilot episode.

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