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Mixmaster Einstein is a resident DJ on Saturday Night Live Ain’ No Jive Dance Party which starts at 10PM CT.

Listen on the radio, online here, in our app or in the iHeartRadio app (search WCKG). You can also listen directly from our website here.

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In Paradise (Metropolitan Freestyle Megamix Volume 2) – Laissez Faire
You’re The One For Me (Classic Freestyle) – April
Can You Feel the Beat (Slick Mix) – Lisa Lisa & Cut Jam
Now And Forever (The One And Only Mix) – Nyasia
Why U Wanna Hurt Me (Extended Dance Mix) – Arlene
Get With U (R&B Mix) – Lidell Townsell & M.T.F.
Together Forever (New School Fresstyle) – Lisette Melendez
Dancing On The Dub – A New Trend featuring The Reel Master “At Work”
It’s Like That (Bad Boy Bill Mix) – Powerful Juvenile
You Ain’t Really Acid – Status IV
That’s All I Wanna Tell U (Psychotelic Mix) – Sound Waves
Where’s Your Child? – Bam Bam
Take Me Away – 2 In A Room
Watch Me Git Funky (Mike Dunn’s Mixx) – Fast Eddie
Power Move – Tomahawk
The Party – The Raid
In the Mix RX – The Fastman
Nu Nu (Original Version / Nu Apella) – Lidell Townsell
Night By Night (Late Night Mix) – Alanda
Luv Dancin’ (Remix) (Extended Vocal) – The Underground Solution featuring Jasmine
Move Something (Get Down’s Dope Mix) – Two City Tribe
Take The Time (Get Down’s Dope Mix) – Unasyn
A Dynamite House Mix – Bits & Pieces ’92
4th Floor Theme – 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor & Da Smooth Baron MC
I Like You (London Mix / Smokin’ Mix) – Culture Beat featuring Lana E. & Jay Supreme
An Instrumental Need (Underground Need) – Ralphi Rosario
Tag (M.D.’s Vocal House Mixx / Club Mix) – The Renegades
Dance (Beats / Dub Mix) – Earth People
Saved My Life (“Vintage” Louis Down Under Mix) – Lil’ Louis & The World
Crazy (Dizzy Mix) – Daisy Dee
Trumpet King (Smooth Mix) – Black Orchid
Relight My Fire (Mike Dunn’s Mixx) – Julian “Jumpin” Perez
Rockin’ to the Bass – Methodology
Pump Up The Jam (And The Jam Is Pumpin) (Terry Dome Mix) – Technotronic Featuring Ya Kid K
Don’t Cha Want It? (Mike Dunn’s Club Mix) – K-Alexi
I Need Your Love (Love Mix) – House 2 House
I Want Your Love (The Dedicated Mix) – Ralphi Rosario
Get On It – Time For Techno presents The Unknown
1-2-3 Acid! (Extended “Futuristik” Mix) – Digital Boy

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Being born and raised in Gary, IN, Allen Upshaw AKA Mix-Master Einstein picked up his musical tastes from his family consisting of rap, R&B, jazz, and blues but then heI took interest in what is commonly referred to as old school house music.

He studied and learned the basic techniques of mixing by listening to the Hot Mix 5 on WBMX in Chicago, IL.

The Hot Mix 5 consisted of Kenny “Jammin'” Jason, Ralphi “The Razz” Rosario, Scott “Smokin'” Sills, Farley “Funkin'” Keith (BKA Farley “Jackmaster Funk”), and Mickey “Mixin'” Oliver.

Allen’s favorite was Ralphie Rosario because of his smooth transitions between songs and the choice of music he would mix. He started mixing at the age of 13 and is still mixing music of varying genres to this day.