All the best music, movies and TV shows have already been made, we’re here to help you remember them all. Maude is another shining example of that!

Maude, starring Bea Arthur was actually the first spinoff from All In The Family. Maude made two appearances in that show where she played Edith Bunker’s cousin. Maude’s daughter was played by Adrienne Barbeau.

In the show, Maude had a maid, Florida Evans played by Esther Rolle. Eventually, there’d be a spinoff with her. The show? Good Times!

Debuting on CBS on September 12, 1972 and ran until April 22, 1978 with 141 total episodes.

Let’s go back to 1972 for the show’s first episode below.

Maude learns that her daughter Carol is being psychoanalyzed.  Upon learning this, she feels this is a direct attack on her image as a model mother. Getting no help from her fourth husband Walter, she pays an unexpected call on the psychiatrist, determined to put an end to the analysis sessions.

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