Lime – Babe, We’re Gonna Love Tonight (1982)

This is just one of the many great songs you’d hear on The Beat Chicago including our Sunday Night Fever programming where we feature classic disco, soul and dance from 7PM – 10PM. 

There’s enough stations playing rock n’ roll classics and the same 80’s songs from Bon Jovi, Journey, John Cougar, Elton John all day long and that’s all cool but, when you want something completely different?  When you want everything from Marvin Gaye, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Spinners to Stevie B, C+C Music Factory and more of the music that keeps you movin?  We’re it.

See, we’re all about the classics too…. Classic R&B and dance of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, freestyle and more.  For us, it’s not about how old a song is, it’s about how good it is and this is as good as it gets.

Denis and Denyse LePage made up Lime.

In 1979, Denis was the man responsible for the massive disco hit “The Break” where he used the name Kat Mandu as the artist. The song hit #3 on Billboard’s Disco chart. The song was used as background music and as intros for countless sports shows in the late 70’s

Singer Denyse Le Page also wrote and sang on the post-disco hits “Dancin’ The Night Away” by Voggue and “DIVA”: “Double Trouble”.

In between the Kat Mandu project, the LePages also produced and arranged music for numerous studio projects, notably for acts signed to Prelude Records.

1981 brought a worldwide hit single and album sung by Carol Jiani, “Hit N Run Lover”, written by Denis LePage and Sandy Wilbour. The album tracks (“Mercy” and others) were written and arranged by Sandy Wilbour and Denis LePage, as well as Pete Bellotte and Sylvester Levay, who has composed music for movies, television and theater.

Lime released their debut album Your Love in 1981. The title track was a gold record, a #1 Billboard Disco-chart hit in the US and a success in Europe. It appeared in the 1982 movie “Summer Lovers”. “You’re My Magician” was an international hit single as well that we all played in the clubs and in the mixes on WBMX.

After Babe, We’re Gonna Love Tonight, Lime released Lime 3, featuring the hits “Guilty” and “Angel Eyes”. Other classics include “Take It Up”, “Unexpected Lovers”, “Guilty”, “Gold Digger”, “Do Your Time On The Planet” and another Kat Mandu hit in ’83 titled “I Wanna Dance”.

On October 30, 1983 two younger singers, Joy Dorris and Chris Marsh were chosen to tour and appear as LIME. Later, Rob Hubertz would replace Chris Marsh. Joy and Rob continue to appear today and own the trademark LIME so, when you go to see them, you’re not seeing Denis or Denyse.

Since leaving the Lime project, Denis LePage has come out as transgender. She now releases records as Nini No Bless