Classic Kids Shows

The best music, movies and TV shows have already been made, we’re here to help you remember them all. Romper Room, The Electric Company, Zoom and more are living proof of just how great TV was back in the day for kids. Here on The Beat Chicago… we got the classics!

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Growing up back in the day, we had so many great shows made specifically for kids. From the minute we woke up we had Romper Room (above), Captain Kangaroo, Electric Company, Zoom, Sesame Street, BJ And Dirty Dragon, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Ray Rayner and Friends, Garfield Goose and Friends, it was a neverending parade of TV made just for us!

When we got home from school, we couldn’t wait to watch our ‘After School Specials” and more.

We add to these so check back and if you think we missed a few, let us know below.

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