House Music's Biggest Hits Of All Time

The Beat Chicago plays music that makes you feel good!

In our mix shows, many of those songs are classic house music and more.  In fact, many of the artists are honorary inductees into the U.S. Dance Music Hall of Fame

In the chart below, you'll find many of the classic house anthems heard in our mix shows on Fridays (Friday Night Jams) and Saturdays (Saturday Night Live Ain't No Jive Chicago Dance Party).  Visit our SCHEDULE for more special programming.

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Top Classic House Songs Of All Time

From the house music capitol in the world, here in Chicago IL, we ask you to vote or add to this list of the top 'house music anthems' of all time. From Chicago to NYC, Italy to the UK, house music swept the world as it jumped onto the world stage with early hits like "Jack Your Body&qu...