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Happy Days came into America’s living rooms for 11 seasons. For 255 episodes, The Cunningham family, Fonzi and Mork as well as Laverne and Shirley, Joanie and others in the show made tv history.

The pilot for the show was actually shot in 1971 as New Family In Town and promptly rejected by the networks.

On Fenruary 25, In 1972, ABC would give it a shot as a Love American Style segment titled “Love and the Television Set.” When it became a seires, the show was retitled “Love and the Happy Days.” Joanie, Howard, and Chuck were played Susan Neher, Harold Gould, and Ric Carrott respectively.

In the show, for the first season, there was another brother named Chuck. No explanation was ever given as to why the older brother simply disappeared from the show.

Check out Love And The Television Set as well as the first real episode of Happy Days below. Click here for more on this TV show