Guido’s Lounge Cafe Broadcast 0377


Guido’s Lounge Cafe’ Broadcast 0377

Every Friday night, The Beat kicks off your weekend with the Friday Night Dance Party.

Early on, from 7PM – 10PM it’s all throwbacks and old school mixes keeping the Chicago style of DJ’ing alive and well for future generations.

At 11PM, we turn it over to the newer house music styles brought to you by some of the biggest international names including this show.

Guido’s Lounge Cafe’ Broadcast is the perfect way to unwind on a Saturday morning or wake up to. The chilled out sound of electronica fills the air at 6AM.

If you miss the show, we have all shows archived on demand for you to listen to anytime, anywhere on any device – including our own APP

You can also listen using the iHeartRadio app, search WCKG in Chicago to listen live Friday nights from 7PM – 7AM so you never miss a beat!


The award-winning show Guido’s Lounge Cafe Broadcast is the brainchild of Guido van der Meulen who is from the Netherlands.

Each week, Guido delivers another amazing show filled with ethereal electronica to create an amazing vibe to start or end your day.


00:00 Intro – Intro
00:29 Honeyroot – Change is gonna come
03:22 Pilgrims of the Mind – Sandcastle
12:50 Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas – Dido
19:16 El Petit Jardí – Realms
22:54 Jimi Hendrix – Happiness On The Wind
26:58 Nova Casa – Bounty ft. Jay Stones
29:42 Deeplab – Phases Of Gravity
34:42 David Lewis Luong – Sunset cafe
38:33 Belleruche – Balance
42:01 St. Germain – What You Think About
46:24 A Forest Called MULU – Obsession
50:14 Lighthouse Family – Aint no sunshine
53:39 Roberto Bronco – Breakfast Club Di Milano
58:40 Thierry David – Liquid Melody


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