George Michael, Elton John – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (1992)

George Michael with Elton John, does it get any better than this?

There’s enough stations playing rock n’ roll classics and the same 80’s songs from Bon Jovi, Journey, John Cougar, Elton John all day long and that’s all cool but, when you want something completely different?  When you want everything from Marvin Gaye, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Spinners to Stevie B, C+C Music Factory classic 80’s dance hits and more of the music that keeps you movin?  we’re it.

See, we’re all about the classics too…. Classic R&B and dance of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, freestyle and more.  For us, it’s not about how old a song is, it’s about how good it is and this is as good as it gets.

It’s the 1990’s, the decade that started out with Michael Bolton, Amy Grant and other pop stars hitting their strides. In 1992, two amazing talents who got their start in two different decades would come together to perform the elder’s 1974 hit.

The song was originally recorded in 1974 by Sir Elton John who had said that at first, he hated the song.

In 1985 Michaels and Sir Elton John would perform the song together at Live Aid. From there, Michaels obviously held it near and dear to his heart but they had never recorded it.

Michaels would sing the song while on his Cover To Cover tour to close out the show. At the end of that tour, fans were in for a treat as Sir Elton John showed up to perform it with him at Wembley Stadium in 1991.

It wasn’t until Michaels’ show here in Chicago at the old Rosemont Horizon (now known as the Allstate Arena) that the two performing the song would finally be captured to be released as a single and wound up number one everywhere on Earth and beyond!

“The video was actually shot over several days,” said Michael Pagnotta, George’s publicist. “It was shot in an airline hangar in Burbank, California where George had been rehearsing; Elton came in for a night and they ran through the song a couple of times. Then the song was filmed in its entirety at the Horizon in Rosemont IL in mid October during the Cover To Cover tour. As you can hear, when Sir Elton John came out, the place went nuts”

This song, this performance just brings a tear to your eye.  Absolute brilliance, sheer beauty.