Gap Band are one of our big artists here at The Beat. What better artist to start up the concert series with than them!

It’s HUMP DAY! Each Wednesday we feature a classic show/concert from an artist’s whose music is played here on THE BEAT.

This week we’ll take you back to 1999. Siband was on the road with his show and he brought along some great artists to entertain Earthlings. One of those artists included The Gap Band. The brothers Wilson were already on the music scene for over 25 years and yet they still sounded as fresh as they ever did. The boys are featured here as part of Sinbad’s Music Festival, one we wish he’d do again!

We should note that back then, Chicago’s 103.5 FM became Jammin’ Oldies – 103.5 FM The Beat and The Gap Band was part of a massive concert day where Charlie Wilson and the boys put on an amazing show similar to this.

Let’s throw it back to 1999 with The Gap Band as they throw it back even further.


The Gap Band was a multi-platinum, American R&B and funk band that rose to fame during the 1970s and 1980s. The band consisted of brothers Charlie, Ronnie, and Robert Wilson; and they were named after streets (Greenwood, Archer, and Pine) in the historic Greenwood neighborhood in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The group shortened its name to The Gap Band in 1973. After 43 years together, they retired in 2010. Charlie Wilson is still active today (2018), still touring and still releasing great new music. Sadly, Robert Wilson died of a heart attack at his home in Palmdale, California in 2010.

The band is known for their amazing, high-energy shows and have opened for such artists as The Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson and more. Yes, that’s some diversified sh*t right there folks.

Since the 1990s, many of The Gap Band’s hits have been sampled and covered by R&B and hip hop artists such as II D Extreme, Brand Nubian, Tyler, the Creator, 69 Boyz, Ashanti, Big Mello, Blackstreet, Mary J. Blige, Da Brat, Ice Cube, Jermaine Dupri, Mia X, Nas, Rob Base Shaquille O’Neal, Snoop Dogg, Soul For Real, Vesta (Williams) and more. Heavy D sampled “Outstanding” for “Every Little Thing” a 1995 hit single by his boy band prodigies Soul For Real, which reached #17 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Other musicians inspired by The Gap Band include Guy, Aaron Hall, Jagged Edge, Bill Heausler, Mint Condition, R. Kelly, Ruff Endz, Keith Sweat, Joe Miller, GRiTT, The Delta Troubadours, and D’Extra Wiley. On August 26, 2005, The Gap Band was honored as a BMI Icon at the 57th annual BMI Urban Awards. The honor is given to a creator who has been “a unique and indelible influence on generations of music makers”. “Outstanding” alone remains one of the most sampled songs in history and has, astonishingly, been used by over 150 artists.

Check out some of their biggest hits and videos below


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