Part of our Retro Dance Classics Weekend, the Friday Night Jams kicks off your weekend with old school mixes starting at 7 PM CT. Our resident and guest DJs take you back to the old school with classic house, disco, freestyle, club classics of the ’70s, 80’s 90’s and more, in the mix.

Back in the day, people used to record mixes off the radio. Today, we do it for you.

If you miss any of the mixes, we upload them to the website every Tuesday. Once we upload the mixes, we post the link to listen to them on-demand on our Facebook page so make sure you’ve LIKED our page. The mixes are also available on-demand in our APP.

Each mix is uploaded with the on-demand player, the tracklist (when provided), and information about the DJ. The mix show page also features links to their socials, a bio (when provided) as well a links to all their past mixes here on The Beat.  CLICK HERE to check out all those great mixes from years gone by,

If you’d like to be a guest DJ on our Friday Night Jams mix show, please make sure you’re familiar with what it is we play on our mix shows. To get an idea of what the mixes sound like, visit our DJ MIXES section.

Once you get an idea of what we’re looking for and think you’d like to submit some samples or examples of your work [to us] for consideration, please follow the procedure below.

1. Send us a link to your Mixcloud or Soundcloud

That’s it. We’ll take a listen and let you know if we have space to fit you in for a show. If so, we will then send you the procedures for you to submit a mix within our format.

If you’re ready to submit a mix to us for consideration, send links to your work as we stated above to thebeatchicago at gmail dot com

Jam on it!