Energy Radio Classics features all the biggest 90’s dance classics and hits of the early 2K’s played on Cyber Radio, the pre-cursor to Energy Radio Chicago. Energy Radio was heard in Toronto, Chicago, Phoenix and San Francisco in the 90’s to the mid 2000’s.

The sound was pre-EDM, it was great dance music and great styles of dance including house, euro, dream house, trance and more. Back in those days there was BEAT RADIO, GROOVE RADIO and CYBER RADIO (1997). All were dance music formats heard on various stations in the L.A. market, Chicago and online.

In January 2001, Big City Radio received a “cease and decist” from [then] Clear Channel to change the name for its 92.7 / 5 after recently acquiring WDEK 92.5 FM out of DeKalb. At that time it was known as KISS FM. Due to the fact that Clear Channel owned that “name” across the country, it was either change or face a losing battle.

Anyways… Big City’s 92KissFM changed its format on Jan. 26th 2001 to ENERGY RADIO which was really an extension of Cyber Radio from a few years earlier. In fact, the company was given an opportunity to run the format in 1998 and declined. Their exact words were “we’ll never do dance music on this station, no one wants to hear that shit”.

Big City Radio launched ENERGY with “The Launch” from DJ Jean. However, for Big City, it was too little too late due to the mismanagement and incompetence of the company’s management.

“Energy 92-7 & 5” here in Chicago was broadcast on a trio of signals in suburban Chicago. A year and a half later, Sierra H Broadcasting debuted the very similar “Energy 92-7 & 101-1” on KAZL (eventually KNRJ) in Payson, AZ — with a simulcast on 10-watt K224CJ in Phoenix. From there, Energy San Francisco was launched and changed in 2011.

With Big City Radio in financial dire straits, Energy 92-7 & 5 ended in early January 2003. But its Arizona spinoff managed to survive for 6 years — which is about 5 1/2 years longer than most people would probably have predicted.

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Artists You’ll See On Energy Radio Classics

Benny Benassi, Fragma, Darude, Daft Punk, Vengaboys, Tiesto, Daft PunkArmin Van Buuren, D.H.T., ATC, Kate Ryan, Ann Lee, Alice Deejay, Bloodhound Gang, Cascada, Kylie Minogue, Groove Armada and more.