Drew Carey Show Episode (1985)

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Let’s go back to 1995 for this hilarious, ground-breaking show.

Long before he began hosting The Price Is Right, Drew Carey was a stand up comic. I had a chance to see him long before his career took off at The Vic here in Chicago, had to be about ’92. He was hilarious.

When he made his national TV debut on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Carson was so impressed with him, he invited him to sit on the couch! That never happened with Carson.

Great improv from Ryan Stiles and the crew. Great characters like Mimi, Lewis and more. The show launched careers for Ryan Stiles, Diedrich Bader, Christa Miller, Craig Ferguson, Kathy Kinney and more.

The show aired on ABC from September 13, 1995 to September 8, 2004. Set in Cleveland, Ohio and revolved around the retail office and home life of “everyman” Drew Carey, a fictionalized version of the actor.

The show was created by Carey, who had both stand-up comedy and writing experience, and Bruce Helford, who was once a writer for Roseanne. It was the first television show to have an episode simulcast on the Internet.

So much creativity, so many things done differently through the seasons like the choreographed scenes each season. The guest stars list of each season was also impressive and diverse. Hal Linden, Eddie Money, Jamie Lee Curtis and more. It was a very unique show that had some really great seasons.

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Source: Sal Amato