Dr Dooee is a guest DJ on 102.3 FM The Beat Chicago. Tonight, we feature him on our Saturday Night Live Ain’t No Jive Chicago Dance Party.

Every Saturday night at 7PM we keep the tradition alive started by our sister network WBMX back in 1981. Classic house, freestyle, disco, 80’s, 90’s and more in the mix, old school style.

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Back in the day, people used to record the mixes on the radio so they wouldn’t miss them.

Today, we go one better, we archive all the mixes so you can listen to any of the mixes from any of our mix shows on demand. We include the tracklist, links to the DJ, their social network links and more.

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1) Fast Eddie- Get you some more (Accapella)
2) Julian Jumpin Perez feat. Kool Rock Steady- Ain’t we funky now
3) Tyree- Acid Over
4) Fast Eddie- Get you some more (Tyree Cooper Mix)
5) Fast Eddie- Let’s Go (Don’t you want some more)
6) Tyree- Turn up the bass (Jump the bass)
7) Tyree- Turn up the bass (Scratch the bass)
8) Fast Eddie- Yo yo get funky ( Woo Yeah!)
9) Fast Eddie- Yo yo get funky (Original radio)
10) Mixmasters feat. Mc Action- It’s about time (Tyree Cooper Mix)
11) Fast Eddie- Clap your hands
12) Tyree- It takes a thief (Joe Smooth Mix)
13) Julian Jumpin Perez feat. Brother D- Let’s work (Knee Deep)
14) Mixmasters feat. Andrea- How low can you touch me (Tyree Village Mix)
15) Fast Eddie – Jack 2 the Sound
16) Fast Eddie- I Can Dance
17) Fast Eddie- Hip House (Tyree 89′ Remix)
18) Mixmasters- In the mix
Fast Eddie- Straight Jackin (Instrumental)
19) Kool Rock Steady feat.Sundance- Ain’t no stopping us now (Instrumental)
20) Tyree- House music is my life ( Instrumental)

DJ Dooee is Stuart Zullo from Australia, we’ll let him tell you his story…

“In my teens I started to listening to hip hop, but around 88′-89′ I became fixated on house and hip-house. That led to the early 90’s rave explosion and I attended many raves and parties and loved the culture.

I played my first rave party in 1995 (playing hardcore and was advertised as an interstate Dj!!) that led to many club events & rave parties in some of the biggest venues around Sydney between 1995-2002 (including the Superdome at Homebush, Pavillion, Rooftop, Palladium, Icebox and numerous other pubs and clubs around Sydney, with the last ‘official’ party ever played being a ‘Utopia’ rave.

These days I am a happily married father of three children but still get a mix and play in from time time and busy selling houses on a daily basis!

Cheers hope you enjoy my sounds as much as I do”