DJ Triple H is Harry Hot Mix’n Hernandez and is a resident DJ on Saturday Night Live Ain’ No Jive Dance Party which starts at 7PM CT.
You can catch DJ Triple H’s mixes live at 9PM CT.

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1. Farley JM Funk – Love Can’t Turn Around
2. Fast Eddie – Snippets
3. Farley JM Funk – Jack My Body
4. Armando – 100% Dissing You
5. Mr. Lee – I Can’t Forget
6. Kevin Irving – House Ain’t Givin Up
7. Toney Lee – Reach Up
8. Calle – Get Down
9. Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body
10. Pierre’s Phantasy Club – Fantasy Girl
11. Mark Imperial – The Love I Lost
12. Freestyle – Don’t Stop The Rock
13. The Force – It’s OK
14. Matt Warren – Bang The Box
15. Julian ‘Jumpin’ Perez – Jack Me Till I Scream
16. M Doc – It’s Percussion
17. Rick Garcia – Rhythm Talk
18. Dajae – You Got Me Up
19. Reese & Santoyo – Bounce Your Body To the Box
20. Georgie Porgie – Do You Remember
21. Pierre’s Phantasy Club – Mystery Girl
22. Fast Eddie – Hip House ’89
23. Royal House – Get Funky
24. Farley JM Funk – Aww Shucks
25. Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason & Fast Eddie – Can U Dance
26. Ralphi Rosario – Amour Puerto Riqueno
27. Reese & Santoyo – Play Our Music
28. House Hallucinates – Jack The Bass
29. Femme Fion – Jack The House
30. DMS – And The Beat Goes On
31. House Gang – Work My Body
32. Cajmere – Chit Chat
33. Mr. Lee – Get Busy
34. Full Tilt – Music Sounds Better In Chicago
35. LAW – Remember The Times
36. Kidd Wrek – Up In My Soul
37. Park Avenue Players – Werk Yer Body
38. Da Mongoloids – Spark da Meth
39. Rupaul – Supermodel
40. Paula Abdul – Crazy Cool
41. Machel – Come Dig It
42. DJ Herbie – ATomico