DJ Triple H on-demand mix with the tracklist

Classic house music, freestyle and more in the mix with DJ Triple H, Harry Hot Mix’n Hernandez, a resident DJ on Saturday Night Live Ain’ No Jive Dance Party, part of our Retro Dance Classics Weekend. The show is brought to you by Digital Saviors Chicago

Keeping the tradition alive started by our sister network WBMX back in 1981, the Beat Chicago is bringing old school back to the radio, online and in our app!

We’re in the old school mix with club classics, freestyle, house, the ’80s, 90s, and more in the “old school mix.”

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Back in the day, people used to record the mixes on the radio so they wouldn’t miss them. People around the world have huge collections of those mixes from back in the day.

Today, we do all the work for you by uploading each week’s mix show to our website on Tuesdays. Once uploaded, you can listen to those mixes and all the past mixes, on-demand, here on the website, and in our app. Each DJ mix show page includes the on-demand player, the tracklist (when available) as well as information and links to the DJ.

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1. Sammy Zone – Without You
2. Latin Rascals ft. Safire – On The Edge
3. TKA – Slipping Through My Hands
4. Willie Crespo – Where Have You Gone To
5. Exo – Why Did You Do It
6. First Class – My Sweet Rose
7. George Lamond – Where Does That Leave Love
8. Luis Damon – Should of Never Let You Go
9. Alexander – Be Mine
10. Coro – My Fallen Angel
11. Isaac – In My Heart
12. Jessee B – Time Gone
13. Liaison – Heart & Soul
14. Mia – No Reason To Cry
15. Marisol – Beginning Of The End
16. Monet – Give It To Me
17. Soniya – Remember
18. Stefanie Bennett – Against All Odds
19. Jasmine – On The Loose
20. Jaya – If You Leave Me Now
21. Debbie Deb – When I Hear Music
22. Debbie Deb – Lookout Weekend