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The Jams – Whitney Joins The Jams
Duane & Co – Hard Core (One On One)
Taste-T-Lips – Hypnotize
Gil De La Paz – Casa
Denise Motto – Tell Jack
The Brat Pack – So Many Ways (Do It Properly Part II)
Voyou – Houseman
Royal House – Can You Party
Fast Eddie – Yo Yo Get Funky
Ralphi Rosario – I Want You
Denise Motto – I M N X T C
Joe Smooth – Promised Land

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DJ Starfrit on wbmx

I was born in Quebec, Canada where I developed a love for dance music at a very young age. It was always the most rhythmic songs that held my attention on the radio.

The first 12 inch I bought was “Love Is In Control” by Donna Summer in 1982, but it was in 1987 that I really started my vinyl collection at a store named Import-O-Son where I also learned the basics of DJing.

In 1988 I bought my first mixer that I connected with two family’s turntables. In 1990, I bought my own sound system and my own turntables, I was then addicted.

In 1991, I began my series of mix tape called Martymix. I was selling for the bargain price of… $7. I also started my short DJ career; I was doing occasional replacement in a club for teenagers. I also made ​​some mobile disco parties, my biggest being the Christmas party of policemen and firefighter of Quebec City