DJ Miggy is Miguel Rodriguez, a resident DJ on our Saturday Night Live Ain’t No Jive Chicago Dance Party

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1 1. Dj Rude Boy Rob – Play That Beat Again\par
2. Dj Rude Boy Rob – Boogie Down Bronx Remix\par
3. Dj Rude Boy Rob – Hypnotic Tango Remix \par
4. Dj Tommie 2Tuff – Feel The Bass\par
5. Sex Krazed SuperStars – Feelin Horny (Danceworks Remix)\par
6. Kevin Halsted – Hands In The Air\par
7. Fast Eddie – It’s time To Get Funky 98″\par
8. Dj Deeon – The Freaks (Dj RBR Remix)\par
9. Pamp & The Knox – Shake\par
10. Dem Rats – Now This\par
11. Dj Trajic – Headbangers\par
12. mark V & Poogie Bear – Get Into It\par
13. Sp. 1200 – Pump It\par
14. Mark Imperial – The Love I Lost (2 In Rhythm Remix)\par
15. 4xSample – We Came To Party (Steve Santoyo Remix)\par
16. Dj Gantman Ft Fast Eddie – Work Yo, Move Yo Body\par
17. Mark V & Poogie Bear – War Beats\par
18. Waxmaster – Turn That Booty Around ( Steve Santoyo Remix)\par
19. Kevin halsted – Let Me Hit It \par
20. Pamp & The Knox – Butta ( Dj Bam Bam Remix)\par
21. Dj Trajic – Inside My Mind (Dave Rockin Duke Remix)\par
22. Dj Trajic – Show Me Your Face\par
23. Crazy Cutz – Jump Behind U \par
24. Donieus – Bang Dem Walls\par
25. Patrick Wayne Vs The It – Donnie 2014\par
26. It’s time For The\par
27. Dj Rude Boy Rob – Bounce\par
28. Dj Rude Boy Rob – Meets Horny Dajae\par
29. Bells -Bells\par
30. Party Motion – Party Motion Remix\par
31. Rexx Racer – Bostich Remix\par
32. Ron Hall Tommy Davis – Fugue In Baltimore \par
33. Dj Three J – Get Spanked \par
34. Steve Silk Hurley – Jack Your Body\par
35. Harvard Bass – Bugged\par
36. Mark V & Poogie Bear – Stomp\par
37. Dj Rude Boy Rob – The World Is Mine Remix\par
38. Sander Van Doom & Alok – I House U\par
39. Dj Self – Back With The Hardcore\par
40. Dj Trajic Feat. Hollywood & Ana – Negrito\par
41. Yvvan Back ,JL – Tumba La Cana \par
42. Brian Boncher – Ritmo Celoso\par
43. River Ocean, India , David Penn – Love & Happiness

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Miguel comes to us as a guest of Sal Amato whose ties with Miguel go back over 30 years to their days at Chicago’s WCYC. Miguel is also the CEO of Fusion Records