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DJ Lil Manny is a guest DJ on our Friday Night Jams mix show

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1. Amoretto – Clave Rocks (Club Mix)
2. Lil Suzy – Take Me in Your Arms
3. Cynthia – Endless Nights
4. 4-Real – Is It Me (Club Mix)
5. Shannon – Let The Music Play
6. Jasmin – On The Loose (Club Mix)
7. C Bank – Perfect
8. Tiana – First True Love
9. Expose – Point Of No Return
10. Jeannette – Don’t Ever Go Away
11. The Cover Girls – Because Of You
12. C Bank – I Wont Stop Loving You
13. Pajama Party – Yo No Se
14. Quadlibet – Take Me Im Yours
15. TKA – Maria
16. Lil Suzy – Love Cant Wait
17. Judy Torres – Love You Will You Love Me
18. Stevie B – Spring Love
19. The Cover Girls – Show Me
20. Giggles – What Goes Around Comes Around
21. Exo – Why Did You Do It
22. Laissez Faire – In Paradise
23. David – Im Not Gonna Cry Over You
24. L.A.W. – Missing Your Love
25. Joyce Sims – Lifetime Love
26. Corina – Temptation
27. Cynthia – Change On Me
28. Shannon – Give Me Tonight
29. Tony Garcia Ft. Lil Suzy – Falling In Love
30. Stevie B – In My Eyes
31. TKA – Louder Than Love
32. Laissez Faire – To Be In Your Arms
33. Johnny O – Fantasy Girl
34. Stephanie Bennette – Shine
35. Soave – Crying Over You
36. First Class – My Sweet Rose
37. Corina – Out Of Control
38. Isaac – In My Heart
39. Marisol – Beginning Of The End
40. Solid – Loving You

DJ Lil Manny on SoundCloud
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Manny Limonez, better known by his DJ alias Lil’ Manny, began learning how to blend music when he was only 6 years old. Born the son of a full time Disc Jockey, it only made sense that Lil’ Manny would naturally carry the drive the heart and ambition of a Chicago Dj.

Soon after pursuing music as a hobby it quickly became his choice of lifestyle. Putting to test his inherited knowledge of beat matching, blending and eventually the art of turntablism, Lil’ Manny took on the challenge of performing in front of live crowds and inevitably having to face the criticism of other Chicago Djs.

Lil manny has performed through out the Chicago land area at various venues clubs also social events Dj Lil Manny considers himself as only having trained for what’s to come