DJ Lil Manny is a resident DJ here on The Beat Chicago.

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We’re in the old school mix with club classics, freestyle, house, the ’80s, 90’s and more in the old school mix with Mixmaster Einstein

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Back in the day, people used to record the mixes on the radio so they wouldn’t miss them. People around the world have huge collections of those mixes from back in the day.

Today, we do all the work for you by uploading each week’s mix show to our website on Tuesdays. Once uploaded, you can listen to those mixes and all the past mixes, on-demand, here on the website, and in our app.

Each DJ mix show page includes the on-demand player, the tracklist (when available) as well as information and links to the DJ.



T1.Ac Soul – K Jee
2.Lil Louis – Club Lonely
3.Bad Boy Bill – Jack All Night Long (Acapella)
4.Block And Crown – Pump Up The Funk
5.Lisa & Cult Jam. -Can You Feel The Beat
6.Da Freak
7.Vhyce – Rainbow Overdrive
8.Coolio Vs Chic – 1234 Goodtimes
9.RBR – Nude Bliss
10.Mixin Oliver – In-Ten-Si
11.Inya Day – Keep Pushin(Acayella)
12.Corey Hart -Sunglasses At Night
13.RBR – Funky
14.Pure Pleasure – In And Out Of Love (Acapella)
15.Koto – Visitors
16.Lime – Babe Were Gonna Love Tonight
17.Lime – Unexpected Brothers
18.RBR – Boogie Down Bronx
19.Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling
20.Ralphi Rosario – You Used To Hold Me
21.Armand Van Halden – Funk Phänomen
22.Paul Johnson – Get Get Down
23.Fast Eddie – Hip House 89
24.Dajae – U Got Me Up
25.RBR – Its You
26.Pirates Of The Caribbean – Rumba
27.Work My Body
28.RBR – Tekky Beat Track
29.Now Is The Time (Acapella)
30.Fast Eddie – Can You Dance
31.Vamp – Outlander
32.Dave Matthias – U Feel It
33.Lil Louis – Video Clash
34.Reel 2 Real – Move It
35.Haddaway – What Is Love
36.Martin Garrix – Animals
37.Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby
38.RBR – Chasin The House Beat
39.Lime – Angel Eyes (Lil Manny Remix)
40.Susan – Open Up Your Heart (Acapella)
41.Alvaro – Make It Funky
42.Tag Team – Whoomp
43.The Ronettes – Be My Baby
44.Evelyn King – Shame
45.Donna Summer – On The Radio

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Manny Limonez, better known by his DJ alias Lil’ Manny, began learning how to blend music when he was only 6 years old.

Born the son of a full-time Disc Jockey, it only made sense that Lil’ Manny would naturally carry the drive, the heart, and ambition of a Chicago DJ.

Soon after pursuing music as a hobby it quickly became his choice of lifestyle. Putting to test his inherited knowledge of beat matching, blending, and eventually the art of turntablism, Lil’ Manny took on the challenge of performing in front of live crowds and inevitably having to face the criticism of other Chicago Djs.

Lil manny has performed throughout the Chicago land area at various venues clubs also social events Dj Lil Manny considers himself as only having trained for what’s to come