DJ JASON NEUMAN | Saturday Night Live Ain’t No Jive Chicago Dance Party | 3/30/19


DJ JASON NEUMAN is a resident DJ on our Saturday Night Live Ain’t No Jive Chicago Dance Party.

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Everybody everybody – Black Box
Word Up – Cameo
Le Freak – Chic
I wanna Dance w Somebody – Whitney Houston
Strike it up – Black Box
Let the Music Play – Shannon
Freaks-Zoid – Midnight Star
Planet Rock – would sonic Force
Whoomp There it is – Tag Team
Play at your own risk – Planet Patrol
Egyptian Lover – Egypt Egypt
Wall for me – Robbie Tronco
Tree frog – Hope
Phreak – DBX
Didn’t I Know – EG Fullalove
Supermodel (Remix) – RuPaul
Got-2-B – House Nation
Chicago Mix – Shreadheads
Big Time – That Kid Chris
Do da do- Robot Man
I’ll be your friend – Robert Owens [/su_tab]
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DJ Jason Neuman on Facebook
| DJ Jason Neuman on Mixcloud

Chicago area DJ Jason Neuman is one of the areas best known DJ’s. He started his career at the age of 13 in 1992. He landed his first gig doing a local high school homecoming in 1993 with a home stereo system and homemade light show. Jason’s passion for music made him want more. He continued doing parties for friends and some local raves. At the age of 16 he purchased his first set of turntables with his first paycheck from his after school job at Wendy’s.

His passion continued as he taught himself to scratch and mix beats. Some of his biggest influences at that time were Bad Boy Bill, Bobby D, and To Kool Kris.[/su_tab][/su_tabs]

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