DJ Flik


DJ Flik is featured as a guest DJ tonight on our Friday Night Jams mix show which starts at 7PM CT every Friday night.

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Farley – I Believe (Special Edit)
Fingers Inc. – Mystery of Love (Special Edit)
Mike Dunn – So Let It Be Houze
Mark imperial – The love I lost (Special Edit)
MKII – Used By Dj (Special Edit)
The It – Donnie (Special Edit)
Femme Fion – Jack The House (Special Edit)
Terry Baldwin feat Paris Grey – Don’t Lead Me (Special Edit)
Boomer T – Sample This (Special Edit)
Sinnamon – I Need You Now (Special Edit)
Fast Eddie – Get on Up (Special Edit)
Steve Hurley – House Train (Special Edit)
Pierre’s Pfantasy Club – Fantasy Girl (Special Edit)
T Cut F – House Reaction (Special Edit)
Pierre’s Pfantasy Club – Got The Bug (Special Edit)
Jamie Principle – Bad Boy (Special Edit)
S.L.Y – I Need A Freak (Special Edit)
Risqué III – Risqué Madness (Special Edit)
Funk Electric – On a Journey (Special Edit)
E.S.P – It’s You (Special Edit)
Mike Hitman Wilson & Bad Boy Bill – Can You Jack Track (Special Edit)
Mike Hitman Wilson & Bad Boy Bill – Can You Dance Track (Special Edit)
Tyree – Acid Over (Special Edit)
Thompson & Lenoir – Can’t Stop The House (Special Edit)
Kano – I’m Ready
B.N.C. – House Ain’t Giving Up (Special Edit)
Raze – Jack The Groove
Phortune – String Free
Joe Smooth feat. Mikkhiel – I’ll Be There (accapella)
Kitay – U Broke My Heart (Special Edit)
Mickey Oliver feat. Shanna Jae – Never Let Go (accapella)
JM Silk – All In Vain (Special Edit)
Rickster – Night Moves (Special Edit)
Klein & MBO – Dirty Talk (Special Edit)
Mink – Rhythm Method
LiL Louis – 7 Days of Peace (Special Edit)
The Children – Freedom (Special Edit)
Bad Boy Bill – Jack It All Night Long (accapella)
No Name – Jason’s Revenge (Special Edit)
Farley – House Nation (Special Edit)
Rhythim is Rhythim – Strings (Special Edit)
Jungle Brothers – I’ll House You (accapella)(Special Edit)
Kevin Saunderson – Grab The Beat (Special Edit)
JM Silk – I Can’t Turn Around (Special Edit)
Rockers Revenge – The Harder They Come (accapella)
2 Puerto Rican, a Blackman and a Dominican – Do It Properly (Special Edit)
Kenny Jason feat. Paris Grey – Don’t Want It (Special Edit)
Kevin Saunderson – How To Play Our Music (Special Edit)
Reese & Santonio – Rock To The Beat (Special Edit)
Smokin’ Gang – Move Your Big Booty
Fast Eddie – Let’s Go (Special Edit)
Ralphi Rosario feat. Xavier – You Used To Hold Me (Special Edit)
Jesse Velez – Fire 121 (Special Edit)
Status IV – You Ain’t Really Down (accapella)
Mike Tomaselli – Crazy or Not (instrumental)
Two of China – Telk Mee (Special Edit)
Serious Intention – You Don’t Know (accapella)
Planet Patrol – Play At Your Own Risk (accapella)
Mr. Lee – Rock This Place (Special Edit)
JM Silk – Music Is The Key (Special Edit)
Kano – War
Mike Dunn – Dance You Mutha (Special Edit)
Bad Boy Bill feat. White Boy Mike – How Do You Feel (Special Edit)
Julian Perez – Jack Me Till I Scream (Special Edit)
Farley – Give Yourself To Me (Special Edit)
LNR – Work It To The Bone (Bits & Pieces 88 edit)
Model 500 – No UFOs (D-Mix)
On The House – Pleasure Control (accapella)
Ralphi Rosario – Puerto Rican (Special Edit)
Mario Reyes – Whatever Turns You On (Special Edit)
Frankie Knuckles – You Can’t Hide (accapella)
Farley – Hey Norton (Aww-Shucks) (Special Edit)
Jessie Saunders – It’s O.K. (Special Edit)
Chip E – Time To Jack (Special Edit)
Farley – Farley, Farley, Farley
Mickey Oliver – Electric House (Special Edit)
Farley – Trax U Lost (Special Edit)
Bam Bam – Feel The Beat (accapella)
Fingers Inc. – A Path (Special Edit)