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1. Judy Torres – Come Into my Arms
2. Judy Torres – Love you, Will you love me
3. Freddy Lopez – Fingiste Amor
4. Judy Torres – No Reason to cry
5. Freddy Lopez – If I could see you now
6. Groove Therapy – Am I Gonna Be the One
7. Synthia Figueroa – You were meant for me
8. White demo – How can i win your love
9. Dominica – Love String
10. Kosta Dee – If You Were By My Side
11. Angie – Kiss me Touch me
12. C- Bank – I’m So in love with you.
13. Nu Image – Tears In My Eyes
14. White demo – Un-true Lover.
15. Dj Aze Cutz
16. Genuine Parts – Did It Feel Like Love
17. Jill – Match Made Up In Heaven
18. Dario – Dreams In The Night
19. Dj Aze Cutz
20. Red Demo – Take My Love
21. Dj Aze Cutz
22. Sam Romano-My True Love
23. Dj Aze Cutz
24. Chris Phillips & Alexia – Always Thinking of You
25. Dj Aze Cutz
26. K7 – Body Rock
27. Corina – Out of control
28. Sammy C – Other Part Of Me
29. Chase – Forget Me Not
30. Dj Aze Cutz
31. Willie Crespo – Where Have You Gone To
32. Kuriosity – In your arms
33. Tka – Tears May Fall
34. Wickett – Why Can’t You Be Mine
35. Quadlibet – Take me I’m yours
36. & More – You’ll never find another love
37. Dj Aze Outro

DJ Aze on Soundcloud | DJ Aze on Facebook

Dj Aze studied Music production and Computer Science at NEIU and briefly studied at Columbia College In Chicago.

With over 20 years in the Entertainment Industry, DJ/Pruducer, he is no stranger to the highly demanding private party and club scene. DJ Aze has performed at the hottest clubs and venues in Chicago, the Hamptons, Atlantic City and Boca Raton as well as high profile weddings, celebrations and celebrity events.

He has performed for a wide range of clients from Motorola, Dusk, Slate, Ganesevoort, The Orbit, Prime & Tender and Espace, just to name a few.

Dj Aze is currently a featured DJ at WCKG Fm with the WBMX DJ team. Past spots at 90.5 WCYC, 88.1 WCRX, B96 and several other radio stations as a guest dj throughout Chicagoland.

DJ Aze first entered the industry as a professional promoter for several recording artists and was featured in numerous TV commercials. After years of touring and traveling globally, he ultimately became a Music Producer and released several techno – house tracks with his partner Lester Fitzpatrick of Platinum Records and Contaminated Musik

With such a strong passion for music Dj Aze became a music producer. J. Aroca quickly realized that Djing/Production would allow him to express this passion to the masses by creating music as a EDM Ghost Producer for many well known Artist in NYC, Miami & Chicago. J. Aroca ‘s new production releases Include Edee – All my love, LSP – Abandoned, Alex of Latin Nation – Ayudame/Don’t Go just to name a few.

Dj Aze today is fluent in a wide range of genres which allows him to cater to all crowds for any type of event. He knows exactly what people want on the dance floor and delivers it with an exciting and interactive stage presence. He treats each show as a unique experience and taps into the specific mood of every event he’s involved in. With this level of dynamic showmanship, infectious positive energy, and all around technical skill set, DJ aze is a true professional and crowd pleaser. Dj Aze knows how to read each crowd perfectly to keep the dance floor packed all night. Whether its a crowd of 32,000 or an intimate wedding, he will make sure everyone has the time of their lives!

Such versatility in style and skill has made Dj Aze (A/K/A Aroca on the production side of music) is one of the most requested DJs/producer in the industry. J. Aroca currently concentrating in his lable NarcWorld & FUZION D-mix Recds.