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DJ Alan Hype | Friday Night Jams | 6/26/20



DJ Alan Hype is a guest DJ featured on our mix shows here on The Beat Chicago

Classic house music, freestyle and more in the mix with DJ Alan Hype on The Beat Chicago with a great old school set.

Keeping the tradition alive started by our sister network WBMX back in 1981, the Beat Chicago is bringing old school back to the radio, online and in our app!

We’re in the old school mix with club classics, freestyle, house, the ’80s, 90s, and more in the “old school mix.”

Listen to old school mixes on the radio, in our free APP or streaming online around the clock with our playlist, HERE.

Back in the day, people used to record the mixes on the radio so they wouldn’t miss them. People around the world have huge collections of those mixes from back in the day.

Today, we do all the work for you by uploading each week’s mix show to our website on Tuesdays. Once uploaded, you can listen to those mixes and all the past mixes, on-demand, here on the website, and in our app. Each DJ mix show page includes the on-demand player, the tracklist (when available) as well as information and links to the DJ.



1. Lillian – Night Flight

2. Matt Warren – Bang The Box

3. White Knight – White Knight Jacks

4. Santos – Work the Box

5. Reese & Santonio – How To Play Our Music

6. Bad Boy Bill – Jack It All Night Long

7. House Gang – Let No Man Put Us Under

8. Yellow House – Jack My Body

9. Fresh – The Real Love

10. Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem)

11. The House Master Boyz – Thanks 4 The Trax U Lost

12. Jesse Saunders – Funk You Up

13. Farley “Jackmaster” Funk – Aw Shucks (Let’s Go)

14. Fresh – Dum Dum Part 2

15. Master C & J ‎ – Dub It

16. Quest – Mind Games

17. Ten City – Devotion

18. Black Ivory – Mainline

19. Bruce Johnson – Pipeline

20. Serious Intention – You Don’t Know (Oh-Oh-Oh)

21. Capricorn – I Need Love

22. I.R.T. – Watch The Closing Doors

23. Hashim – Al-Naafyish (T

24. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force – Beat The Feel You Can

25. John Rocca – Once Upon A Dub

26. Solo – Dub Girls AH AH HI)

27. Alexander Robotnick – Computer Sourire


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