Diff’rent Strokes – 1978

All the best music, movies and TV shows have already been made, we’re here to help you remember them all. Maude is another shining example of that!

Another thought-provoking show from the 70s that would cross into the 80s.

Philip Drummond is a wealthy Manhattan industrialist who takes in Arnold and Willis Jackson (Todd Bridges), the two sons of his late housekeeper. Drummond is white and the boys are black; Arnold, age 8, is excited about the opportunity of a privileged life, but Willis, age 13, feels that Mr. Drummond is trying to buy their love with expensive gifts.

Gary Coleman who passed away in 2010 became a child superstar playing the lovable, mischievous, almost a junior version of Fred Sanford named Arnold in this comedy series that brought issues of race and class into American living rooms.

The show debuted on NBC in November of 1978 and ran for 8 seasons with a total of 189 episodes, coming to an end in September 1985.

Check out the first season’s first episode “Movin’ In” below. Click here for more on this TV show