Chip E – If You Only Knew

It’s what we’re all about, throwbacks and old school mixes. This is just one of the many great songs you’d hear on The Beat Chicago you won’t hear on other stations in Chicago.

Arguably, one of the first ‘house’ songs to be played in ‘regular rotation’ on a radio station in Chicago other than in the ‘mixes’, Chip E’s “If You Only Knew” took “house” to a new level.  Chip E is definitely a pioneer of house music and an honorary inductee into the U.S. Dance Music Hall of Fame for his ground-breaking work and ongoing commitment to dance music in the United States and abroad.

Thanks to Joe Bo of B96, this record was added to B96 in 1987 which, at the time was the poppiest of pop stations, like many across the nation that simply ignored dance music due to programmers and ignoramuses running them. It’s that simple. Joe Bo knew how many kids were listening to the mixes on WBMX and into more than just the crap they were playing over and over again, he fought to get the song added and the rest is history

Chicago’s house label pioneer DJ INTERNATIONAL released “If You Only Knew” and the song would show that “house music” could evolve into not only a style of music that could cross over into the mainstream, it showed that those producing it could produce more than just DJ tracks.

Chip’s really an amazing guy, a talent that shines bright from Chicago. He’s been involved in so many things, so much vision and someone I’ve known for over 35 years who’s always been a consummate professional. From his days at Importes to today, he has an amazing catalog of work and more to come.

For more on Chip E including his movie “UNUSUAL SUSPECTS: ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOUSE MUSIC” which you can purchase HERE, check out everything below.


Source: Sal Amato