Growing Up Chicago

Growing up in the Chicago area, we all had our favorite places that no longer exist or products that were made or created here long since gone. Along with that, we all have those old TV shows and cultural icons that take us back whenever we see or hear them.

From shows like Svengoolie, Son of Svengoolie, Ray Rayner, Family Classics with Frazier Thomas, Hard Rock, Coco and Joe, Bozo’s Circus, classic commercials, sports teams still here and, those that went the way of the dodo;

Actors and actresses from Chicago like Dennis Farina, TV shows and movies that were filmed here like Chicago Story or Crime Story, Bad Boys (1983), Blues Brothers (1980) and so many others. 

Whether it was summer fun in the ‘hydrant or winter fun – grabbing on to the back of a bumper for ‘skitching’.  Deep dish or thin crust, hot dogs with everything  on ’em or Mike Royko’s rib fests, this is what growing up Chicago was all about.

Whether they were national or local like Creature Features, roller derby and others, they were all part of Growing Up Chicago.  Great sports teams, announcers, athletes, amusement parks, events, songs, radio stations and more that take us back… to Chicago. 

You’ll find an amazing cross-section of our history going back in time.  Great documentaries about the buildings, the skyline, the political fights, the neighborhoods, broadcasters, food and so much more.

Whether you still live here or grew up here, this will always be the one little place you can come to to get your fix of everything you remember.

This is what it was like growing up Chicago back in the day. Old school style.  Speaking of old school, check out our Back In The Day Group and more on various social networks.

We’ll keep adding to the list throughout time.  Feel free to add your memories in the comments below too!

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