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Chevy Chase Weekend: Retrospective


Chevy Chase Weekend: Retrospective

Chevy Chase has been around for years. The Beat Chicago is a place where we honor all the best music, movies and TV shows because, well, all the best have been made and fans of The Beat Chicago know that!

As a Second City alum, it’s always a treat for me to not only review great work from those who wrote comedy but it’s an even greater honor to be able to present their best work through the years.

Born Cornelius Crane in 1943, Chevy comes from a well-to-do family where he had a variety of jobs before landing in acting with National Lampoon Magazine, a home for many of the best creatives in the biz back in the day. The magazine’s last issue was in 1998.

It was the early 70’s when he’d turn to comedy. Chase began writing and performing with National Lampoon Magazine. The magazine would launch the careers of many including the late great Harold Ramis, John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, Brian Doyle Murray, Richard Belzer and countless others.

Chevy’s big break came in 1975 when Lorne Michaels was putting together a comedy ensemble for a new show called NBC’s Saturday Night which became Saturday Night Live in 1977. Chevy’s weekend update and other characters including his portrayal of Gerald Ford were a staple of the show. Chase earned three prime time Emmy Awards out of five nominations for his work there as writer and performer.

SNL set Chase up for a move into film and his movies have grossed billions of dollars.

Today we pay our respect to this amazingly talented guy with a variety of his best work including movies, scenes from TV shows including scenes from his Law And Order episode for you to watch below. Please share on your social networks!

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Chevy Chase’s Best On Saturday Night Live

Sccenes From Chevy Chase’s Law And Order Episode

Chevy Chase on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1983


1974 – The Groove Tube


1978 – Foul Play

1980 – Caddyshack

1980 – Seems Like Old Times

1981 – Under The Rainbow

1981 – Modern Problems

1983 – National Lampoon’s Vacation

1983 – Deal Of The Century


1985 – Spies Like Us

1986 – Three Amigos

1988 – Funny Farm


1989 – Christmas Vacation

1997 – National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation


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