Change One Me – Cynthia

So much history, so little time. Born Cynthia Todino, this NY born and bred artist is definitely one of the Queens if not THE queen of Freestyle.

With hits like 1988’s “Change On Me” (featured here), “Endless Nights”, “Dreamboy/Dreamgirl” featuring Johnny O, “How I Love Him” which borrowed it’s hook lyrics from the disco gem “Romeo & Juliet” performed by Alec R. Costandinos.

Freestyle fans are as dedicated as house heads, steppers and metal heads.  Heard in mixes from NYC to Chicago, L.A. to Miami and anywhere club heads existed.  With so many great songs from a genre of music that seems to have slipped through the cracks, you can count on us here at The Beat Chicago to keep it alive and help you remember evertthing you forgot while discovering what you may have missed

You can catch Cynthia here in Chicago a few times a year for sure and other cities around the world.

Here’s a timeline of her releases:


1988 – “Change on Me” – USA Dance Charts Peaked #37 – Sales USA Dance Charts Peaked #43

1988 – “Endless Nights” – Sales USA Dance Charts Peaked #28

1989 – “Thief of Heart” – USA Dance Charts Peaked #31

1990 – “Dreamboy / Dreamgirl” – USA Chart Peaked #53[3] – Sales USA Dance Chart Peaked #17

1991 – “What Will It Take”

1991 – “Break Up to Make Up” – USA Chart Peaked #70

1992 – “Love Me Tonight”

1993 – “Everytime I Look at You”

1993 – “Forever Missing You”

1994 – “Medley” – Non-album release

1994 – “How I Love Him” – USA Chart Peaked #107 – USA Dance Chart Peaked #15 – Sales USA Dance Chart Peaked #28

1994 – Thinking About You

1997 – “Like a Star” – USA Dance Chart Peaked #28

1998 – “If I Had the Chance” – USA Dance Peaked #83 – Sales USA Peaked #11

1999 – “Thinking About You” – Sales USA Dance Charts Peaked #49

2000 – “I Never Said” – USA Dance Chart Peaked #33

2016 – “Starlight” – Released single (iTunes)