Canon (TV Show Pilot Episode)

Cannon, starring William Conrad debuted on September 14, 1971 on the “Tiffany Network”, CBS. The show ran for 5 seasons, ending in March of 1976. There were 122 total episodes of the show including this special two-hour pilot. In 1980, Cannon would return for the made-for TV movie, “The Return of Frank Cannon.”

Another one of those “Quinn Martin Productions,” the show oozes of the era, bad hair, bad wardrobes, massively large cars that got 5 miles per gallon and all the wallpaper one home can handle. Also, as the show moved along that year, the cleaning lady was gone, his lawyer nowhere to be found, his house changed, his car and even the show’s intro were all different.

Let’s go back to 1971 where Cannon started.

Back in the day, we grew up with some of the best detective shows, Cannon was one of them. The show centered around him, his size and his smokin’ bachelor pad. Sure, the cases were what the show was all about but that pad! Today, the show would get fried for ‘fat jokes.’

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