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Growing up in the 80s, you had your jocks, freaks, geeks, preps and street kids.  Poppin', lockin' and breakin' were part of the culture back then and the street style clothes defined how 'down' you were.  Who were the breakers? It could've been any of those mentioned above.

Parachute pants, gym shoes and linoleum were all you needed to work your craft.

Breakdancing's roots were planted in the hip-hop movement in the Bronx in the early 1970s

Coming out of the 70s, a new breaker crew called the Rock Steady Crew would add and create an entire new style of 'breakin' that would set the standards still followed today.  It was the Rock Steady Crew who introduced acrobatic moves that had never been practiced before; headspins, hand glides, backspins and more. 

B-Boys, B-Girls across the country were breakin' to music by fresh new artists like Man Parrish, Whodini, Arthur Baker and others.

While the East coast was breakin', the west coast was 'poppin'.

Tell ya what, we'll give you a bunch of great links about the history of it all so you can get to them whenever you want.  For now, enjoy the movies and more below.

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