The Best Of 2017 old school mixes before we created The Beat Chicago

The Beat was launched on June 9th, 2017 on 102.3 FM/1530 AM WCKG with our website at WBMX.COM.   “WBMX IS BACK” resonated well around the city and we carry that spirit to an even larger group of listeners today than we did then.

Due to Entercom coming into the market and resurrecting the WBMX call letters (which were on their Boston station) here in Chicago on an FM radio station, we decided that we weren’t really too keen on promoting that name any longer. Why do their work for them?

Could we have fought them and won? In short, yes. However, we didn’t want to waste the time and energy nor did we have the funds to fight their ignorance so… we created and moved everything over there while we created The Beat Chicago’s brand which officially launched in early 2018.

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Below you’ll find mixes from guest DJs and mixes that never had a page created for them here on this website.

To be honest, we just never had the time to take on this project to create what was left there here, it’s been a tedious process but here they are.  Consider these ‘the rest’ of the mixes from that era of our existence. We created other “best of” series’ featuring Tony Boom Boom Badea, Martin Boogieman Luna, DJ Quick Vic, DJ Al Mooshy, DJ Tony Cano.    We’ll have a few more coming from DJ Tommy T and DJ JM3.  They were also regulars back then.

These mixes all contain the WBMX drops and website calls ’til the decision was made at the end of Nov. 2017 to begin creating The Beat Chicago’s own brand which is bigger what it was when we had the WBMX website.

We’ll always cherish the history, not to mention my 20 plus years of work on the website. It’s now a shrine to what it was all about and will not be updated however there’s enough content there to last a lifetime.

Enjoy these mixes from many of the guests who were not residents or short term contributors due to their time constraints from 2017 from the old WBMX website.

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