Benji3O3 is featured as a guest DJ tonight on our Friday Night Jams mix show.

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00:01 The Lincoln Boys ‎– Check It Out
01:52 Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)
04:15 Shannon – Give Me Tonight
06:21 2 In A Room – Turn Me On
08:43 Inner City – Big Fun
10:59 Ricky “Get Down” Garcia – Put Your Hands Together
13:23 49ers ‎– Touch Me
15:13 Fax Yourself – Another House Story
17:00 49ers ‎– Don’t You Love Me
18:28 Yvonne ‎– There’s A Party Going On
20:10 Two Without Hats ‎– Try Yazz
21:51 Reese ‎– Rock To The Beat
23:25 Jungle Brothers ‎– I’ll House You
25:06 808 State ‎– Pacific Break
26:01 TKA ‎– You Are The One
27:57 Hashim ‎– Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
29:46 Will To Power ‎– Fading Away
31:58 Royal House ‎– Can You Party
34:02 “D” Train ‎– You’re The One For Me
36:01 Fax Yourself ‎– (Walking On) Sunshine 89
38:03 Maurice ‎– This Is Acid
40:47 Inner City – Good Life
43:13 Jackstreet Inc. ‎– My Bass
44:45 Blue Tattoo ‎– Love Can Do
46:34 Fast Eddie ‎– Yo Yo Get Funky
47:51 Criminal House ‎– Rhythm Talk
49:22 Inner City – Good Life
51:48 Seduction ‎– (You’re My One And Only) True Love
54:05 DSK ‎– All I Want

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Few things turn me on more than tweaking the knobs on my synthesizer.
Besides making music, I’m also an Artist. This is a place for me to share my work and unwind.

I had remixed the 1st and 2nd Technoviking tracks in the past. I’ve also done work with Matthias Fritsch/ Subrealic who is the creator of the Technoviking video. People have named me Panderator although I’m not. The original tracks are “Can D Music – Navigator” and “Winstan – Save Change and Exit”. My remix was created on a Roland MC505. I received the voice sample “I Wanna Kiss Myself” from Guido who’s from Human Resource. The sample is from their 90’s hit track “Dominator”.