Alf (1986)

ALF, (Alien Life Form) ran for 4 seasons on NBC with 99 total episodes with three hour-long episodes as well. On Monday nights for every season but its last, the show debuted on September 22, 1986 and ended on March 24, 1990. The furry star was from the planet Melmac.

The show wasn’t a rating gang-buster but has since become a cult classic. The show’s highest ratings came during Season 2 when it hit 10th place in the Nielsen ratings. The ratings never topped that and remained in 15th place for season 3 and the bottom fell out when the show fell to 39th place during its 4th season. NBC moved the show from Mondays to Saturday nights.

“Consider Me Gone” became an unintentional series finale in 1990 when NBC gave Alien Productions a verbal commitment for the show’s 5th season but ultimately withdrew its support. ABC resolved the cliffhanger on February 17, 1996, with the TV movie Project: ALF.

NBC executive Brandon Tartikoff later said that the network regretted canceling ALF prematurely, saying “It was a big mistake that we canceled the show because they had at least one or two more seasons left.”

Let’s go back to 1986 for this show’s pilot episode.

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