1996: Top Songs, Movies, TV Shows, Sporting Events, World Events And More

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Climbing the ladder of time, we’re now in 1996. Take a look back at all the amazing things that happened back in the year and then think of how many of those are still part of our lives today. How many aren’t?

Check out everything that was from this decade, year by year – from the sporting events to world events, the top TV shows, songs, movies and more.

As you’re going back in time, think about some of the things in our lives today that you don’t see appearing here because they didn’t exist yet. Then, think about how many of those things we use, hear about or are part of our lives today were introduced in this year or the decade. Progress is amazing.

Let us know some of the things that come to mind below.

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1. Macarena, Los Del Rio
2. One Sweet Day, Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men
3. Because You Loved Me, Celine Dion
4. Nobody Knows, Tony Rich Project
5. Always Be My Baby, Mariah Carey
6. Give Me One Reason, Tracy Chapman
7. Tha Crossroads, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
8. I Love You Always Forever, Donna Lewis
9. You’re Makin’ Me High/Let It Flow, Toni Braxton
10. Twisted, Keith Sweat

Freash Horses – Garth Brooks
New Adventures in Hi-Fi – R.E.M.
New Beginning – Tracy Chapman
Secrets – Toni Braxton
The Score – The Fugees
Tragic Kingdom – No Doubt
Waiting to Exhale – Soundtrack

Album of the Year: Falling Into You, Celine Dion
Best New Artist: LeAnn Rimes
Best Pop Album: Falling Into You, Celine Dion
Best Pop Duo or Group: Free As a Bird, The Beatles
Best Pop Female Vocal: Un-break My Heart, Toni Braxton
Best Pop Male Vocal: Change the World, Eric Clapton
Best Rock Duo or Group: So Much to Say, Dave Matthews Band
Best Rock Album: Sheryl Crow, Sheryl Crow
Best Rock Female Vocal: If It Makes You Happy, Sheryl Crow
Best Rock Male Vocal: Where It’s At, Beck
Best Rock Song: Give Me One Reason, Tracy Chapman
Record of the Year: Change the World, Eric Clapton
Song of the Year: Change the World

The Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight

1. Independence Day Fox $306,169,268
2. Twister WB $241,721,524
3. Mission: Impossible Par. $180,981,856
4. Jerry Maguire Sony $153,952,592
5. Ransom BV $136,492,681
6. 101 Dalmatians (1996) BV $136,189,294
7. The Rock BV $134,069,511
8. The Nutty Professor (1996) Uni. $128,814,019
9. The Birdcage MGM $124,060,553
10. A Time to Kill WB $108,766,007

12 Monkeys / Broken Arrow / Courage Under Fire / Evita / Executive Decision / Fargo
Marvin’s Room / Sleepers / Sling Blade / The Crucible / The English Patient

Best Actor: Geoffrey Rush: Shine
Best Actress: Frances McDormand: Fargo
Best Director: Anthony Minghella: The English Patient)
Best Picture: Saul Zaentz: The English Patient
Best Supporting Actor: Cuba Gooding Jr.: Jerry Maguire
Best Supporting Actress: Juliette Binoche: The English Patient

E.R. / Seinfeld / Suddenly Susan / Friends / The Naked Truth / Fired Up / 20/20
NFL Monday Night Football / The Single Guy / Home Improvement / NYPD Blue / Spin City
Touched By An Angel / 60 Minutes / CBS Sunday Movie / Primetime Live / Frasier
NBC Sunday Night Movies / The Drew Carey Show / The X-Files

Best Drama – Law & Order (NBC)
Best Actor – Dennis Franz, NYPD Blue
Best Actress – Gillian Anderson, The X-Files
Supporting Actor – Hector Elizondo, Chicago Hope
Supporting Actress – Kim Delaney, NYPD Blue

Best Comedy – Frasier (NBC)
Best Actor – John Lithgow, 3rd Rock From the Sun
Best Actress – Helen Hunt, Mad About You
Supporting Actor – Michael Richards, Seinfeld
Supporting Actress – Kristen Johnston, 3rd Rock From the Sun
Best Variety- Tracey Takes On . . . (HBO)

Kentucky Derby Winner: Grinestone Jockey: J. Bailey Trainer: D W. Lewis

Superbowl XXXI : Green Bay 35 – New England 21

Pro MVP: Brett Favre, Green Bay, QB

College Football: Florida
Heisman Trophy: Danny Wuerffel, Florida, QB

Rose Bowl: Ohio St. 20, Arizona St. 17
Orange Bowl: Nebraska 41, Virginia Tech 21
Cotton Bowl: BYU 19, Kansas St. 15
Sugar Bowl: Florida 52, Florida St. 20

NBA Championship
Winner: CHICAGO 4-2 (WWWLLW) – Coach: Phil Jackson
Opposing Team: Seattle – Coach: George Karl

NBA MVP: Michael Jordan, Chicago, G Ave Score: 30.4

NCAA National Champions: Kentucky 34-2 – Coach: Rick Pitino

World Series
Winner: New York Yankees 4-2 (LLWWWW) – Coach: Joe Torre
Opposing Team: ATLANTA BRAVES – Coach: Bobby Cox

National League
MVP: Ken Caminiti, SD – 3B
Rookie of the Year: Todd Hollandsworth, LA – P

American League
MVP: Juan Gonzalez, Tex – OF-DH
Rookie of the Year: Derek Jeter, NY – SS


Erik And Lyle Menendez Are Convicted Of Parent’s Murders In Second Trial

GOP Agrees To Stop Gap Spending Ending 21-Day Government Shutdown

Commerce Secretary Brown And 35 Others Die In Plane Crash In Croatia

Ted Kaczynski Is Arrested As “Unabomber”

TWA Flight 800 Crashes Into Atlantic Shortly After Takeoff, 230 Die

Pipe Bomb At Olympic Games In Atlanta Kills 1 Injures Many

Dow Tops 6,000 , Up 100% in Four Years

Clinton Wins Presidency, First Democrat Reelected Since FDR

George Burns dies at 100

Lone gunman in Scotland murders 16 children

Chinese Menace Taiwanese, U.S. sends warships

Clinton signs bill “Ending Welfare As We Know It”

Ross Perot is nominated for President

Bret Favre (Green Bay) throws for a record 39TDs in season

US wins it’s first gold medal in gymnastics on injured Kerri Strug’s last effort.

Fatal “Mad Cow” disease forces England to destroy over 1 million cows

In her divorce settlement, Princess Di gets 26 million but loses the title “Royal Highness”

Michael Jackson marries LA nurse Debbie Rowe, 6 months pregnant

Nike Ad: “Courts can be hard. Get a good defense.”

Dilbert mania strikes and Beavis and Butthead are a hit.

Jenny McCarthy is MTV’s rising star

Dilbert is conquering the funny pages.

Quote: “We’re the new liberals of the Republican party. Can you imagine that?” (Barry Goldwater, GOP candidate, 1964)

The latest holiday gift craze is the Tickle Me Elmo Doll

Web TV and electric cars sold commercially are new.

Globalization becomes the new buzzword

Denis Rodman, the star rebounder for the Chicago Bulls, gains fame for his unusual hair colors.

E-mail exceeds surface mail and computers out sell TVs.

President: Bill Clinton
Vice President: Al Gore

Population: 265,189,794

High: 6,500
Low: 5,200

Federal spending: $1572.41 billion
Federal debt: $5207.3 billion
Inflation: 3.3%
Consumer Price Index: 156.9
Unemployment: 5.6%

Cost of a new home: $166,400.00
Cost of a new car: $
Median Household Income: $35,492.00
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.32
Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $1.23
Cost of a dozen eggs: $1.31
Cost of a gallon of Milk: $3.30